How to find starting letters based on date of birth or birth star?

What do you think should be your first step after new born arrives?  Yes, naming the baby must be your concern. There are many ways in which you can name the baby. You can name after the Gods and Goddesses that we worship. You can get the naming inspired by famous personality, a politician or a loved person in your family. We also name the child according to the seasons, days, natural objects and place of their birth.

We Hindus believe in selecting a child’s name based on the child’s ‘Nakshatra’ or birth star which is calculated by a Vedic astrologer on the Namkaran or naming ceremony. You can find the birth star by using the our birth star finder tool.This easy tool is prepared by renowned Vedic Astrologers with experience.

 Do you know what is Namkaran ?

Namkaran is one of the most important rituals performed by the Hindus. It is the formal naming ceremony performed in the Vedic tradition which is performed to name new born. We normally do this on an auspicious day after the 11 nights of baby’s deliver.  The number of days change based on different regional practices. For example, in Andhra Pradesh it is done in 21st day of baby’s birth. It is a happy ritual that we perform in a religious manner. This is the occasion where the entire family gets together.

Facts on birth star

As you know, Birth Stars are also known as Nakshatras, they are the star signs that are a part of Indian Astrology. The moon passes through 27 lunar houses while travelling through the sky. Each lunar house has an important star by which the nakshatra or birth star gets its name. Birth star or Janma Nakshatra helps you to accurately predict the opportunities, threat, strength and other positive and negative happenings in your baby’s life. This will help you take corrective actions from beforehand to remove negative happenings.

Choosing baby name on Nakshatra

Hindus has a strong belief in Nakshatra or star. If you are thinking about finding the first letter of your baby name, I have a solution here. Every child has his or her Nakshatra. This is calculated by the astrologer at the time of making his or her Kundali based on the date and exact time of birth. The Vedic astrologer has the freedom to bring out a letter to you at the time of Namkaran. These days internet has given us a boost in convenience. Once you know the Birthstar of the baby, You can use this tool to find baby name starting letters based on birth star.   The letter will be pious and can contribute in good luck of your baby throughout his/ her life. Legend goes like lord Shiva was performing Thandavam (the dance), these sounds came out corresponding to various constellations.  So naming babies according to these initial letters is considered auspicious and brings good luck.

How to calculate the birth star and starting letter on Baby name?

You need to understand this process of getting the first letter of a name for your child. The other name for birth star is Nakshatra, a unique system in Hindu astrology that is based on the position of moon.

For making the horoscope or janampatri the first thing you need is to give the date time and place of baby’s birth to a knowledgeable astrologer.  He will put in the details in a birth chart to calculate the position of the moon in the sky at the time of birth and find out the nakshatra of the baby. The calculation of the star sign done by the astrologers is based on the Indian Nirayana system.  Each nakshatra offers four possible sounds which are the pada of the nakshatra.  One of the sound is used to search for the various names of the baby starting with that syllable. The birth star is named after making the birth chart.

After you know the birth star the lucky syllable is chosen and the name is selected using that syllable as the first letter of the name.  You can also use the syllable and consult it with numerology to select the perfect name for the new born baby.

Did you know the Significance of the birth star or birth sign?

Don’t forget that the important decisions in the child’s life like naming, choosing career, arranging marriage or starting a new business are taken on the basis of the nakshatras. We all believe that the vibrations that come after calling the name has a great impact on the person’s life especially when the names are given after the birth star. These moon signs also represent the emotional, mental and physical stability of the individual.

Also understand the belief that the evil effects of the celestial objects can be minimised if the name is connected to the birth star.

You must believe the elders who are naming your baby based on the right nakshatra plays an important role in building the character, destiny and life of the child in future. The lucky syllable used is said to bring loads of success in the life of the baby.



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