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12 modern names for babies derived from lord Ganesh holy names

Do you wish your baby getting a supreme power of Lord Ganesha Did you know how many names of Ganesha is present to choose? Our website has more around 1000 Ganesha names along with the meaning. You can now choose the best one according to the numerological sequence and the birth star. Lord Ganesha is famous for his wisdom and intellect.  Before starting any occasion, prayer is offered to Vinayaka to remove all obstacles that come in the way. Even when you are choosing a name for your baby boy, try out one of the names of Lord Ganesha. This will bring wisdom and intellect to the baby.  You can find many more names meaning lord Ganesha for baby boy.

Modern  baby names inspired by  Lord Ganesha names


It is one of the names inspired by of the Lord Ganesha which means ‘the goal of devas’. If you are thinking of presenting your lord Ganesha names for baby boy with spiritual power, Gacchhu  or Gacchhatae should be the name to be chosen. It speaks about actual objectives of the God. You can get 1000 names of lord Ganesha for baby boy. If you face any difficulty in choosing the right name, speak to us and get the solution.


Lord Ganesha has several names among which you can choose and make your baby boy adopt one. This baby name is inspired from Lord Ganesh’s name Gachha Guravae.  You can refer all the  1000 names of lord Ganesha with  meaning.  Gachha Guravae means the actual mentor or guide of the celestial. Since Lord Ganesha is known for his wit, he can give advice to everyone In this Universe.


Your baby name must be selected with an advice of astrologers. But, our website with several names of Lord Ganesha can also be of your help. Gaccha Paraya is one of the names of Sri Ganapati which has an inner meaning.The baby name ‘Gapa’ has been inspired from this name of Lord Ganesha. There was a story where little Ganesha was asked by his parents ‘Lord Shiv and Parvati’ to take a round of the whole world and come back.

He was so intelligent that, instead of actually going around the earth, he took around around his parents and said his task is complete as his parents are supreme power to run the world. It means taking a round of the celestial.  From then his name was Gaccha Paraya, ‘who moves among the celestials’. The modern Ganesha names for baby boy are present to be displayed.


Another name to be quoted for your baby boy names of lord Ganesha is Datrae. Gacchadatrae is the Lord Ganesha name inspired to form your baby name, Datrae. It is also one of the names with which we call up Lord Ganesha. Little Ganesha was always positive minded. He never had any negative thought.  This is the reason he is called as the supporter of the celestial. The lord Ganesh names for the baby boy is about to be displayed once you visit our website.


Lord Ganesha also has Love towards every human being and living being existing in this celestial. The meaning of another name of Ganesha, Gacchapriyaya is love towards the entire celestial. This name will inspire your baby boy in future and he will develop love towards mankind and living beings. You can get Ganesh name meaning from our website. Priyay is the baby girl or baby boy name for you.


If you are looking for a short name but that must contain inspiration from Lord Ganesha, Gachhaya must be one of the names to be chosen. Chhaya can be the baby girl name inspired from Lord Ganesha’s name Gachhaya. It means the head of celestial. You can get lord Ganesh names for baby girl from here.

Kaya (Gadadambara Khandakaya)

Lord Ganesha is associated with a variety of surprising events. He played a wonderful role in giving the lesson to Demon Gada as stated in Hindu mythology. With the inspiration of the incident, a name for quoted for him is Kaya. The meaning of the name is ‘destroyer of demon Gada’s arrogance’. The Ganesh names for baby girl can be easily found on Indian hindu Baby website.


Another short name of Lord Ganesha is at the display. If you are looking for a short name for your baby boy, Gadajnaya can be a suitable word. The meaning of the name is ‘strength in the body’. Lord Ganesha is also known for strong build and power with regards to his body. Modern Ganesha names for the baby boy can be chosen as Ajnaya.


Did you know that Lord Ganesha is a deep lover? Even for getting back lost love people does worship Lord Ganesha. The name, Gadanuragaya plays an important role over here. Anuragaya is the modern name for the baby girl or baby boy inspired by this Lord Ganesha name. You can also make your child adopt this name of Lord Ganesha which would mean ‘deep lover.’


You must have known about the Little Lord Ganesha’s history where he has to sacrifice his head. But, he was soon saved with the head of a little elephant. This is the reason why he is known as elephant god.  You can also think of deciding your baby boy name as Gajachhadmanae which means ‘The elephant mask.’ Adman is the short and sweet name kept for your baby boy.


You must not have the origin of Lord Ganesha. Let me let you know that Ganesha has a name, Gajagrasthaya which means ‘ancient among the devas’. It means Lord Ganesha is the oldest God among all the god and Goddesses. You can approach us for more queries. You can shorten the Lord Ganesha’s name as Jagratha.


You can take another name for your baby boy who has just born. Yes, this is the other name for Lord Ganesha, Galadarchishae. This means Lord Ganesha is worshiped by the universal energy.  Darchis is the short baby boy name Inspired by Lord Ganesha.

Baby naming ceremony in different Indian cultures

Namkaran is the occasion where you have the opportunity to decide your baby name.  The ceremony has a high significance as namakaran means giving an identity to a child.  Parents invite their relatives, neighbours and well-wishers to stay present during Baby naming ceremony and extend their blessings to the new born. But, baby names are not just quoted randomly. Rather, it requires astrological interference. Hindu naming ceremony must be conducted based on baby’s birth star and the position of planets and stars at the time of his birth.

Baby naming ceremony indian cultures

Different cultures of traditional baby naming ceremony

Do you belong to eastern part of India or south? Are you a resident of states like Tamil Nadu, Andhra etc? Are you a Bengali residing in west Bengal? You all must have different customs related to Baby naming ceremony. Let us explore the custom and tradition of Namkaran in various parts of India. In some parts of the nation, the Hindu naming ceremony takes place in 12th day after birth where as in other parts it is done in 101 days. Even in some parts of nation, the Ceremony for baby names is conducted in 21st day.

Baby naming ceremony in Tamil Nadu

Naming is done just after two weeks of your baby’s Birth. It is also known as the Thottil Ceremony. Medium class family hold a small function but, Tamil Brahmin goes for elaborate rituals. This ceremony is very vital for all the new born babies. If you have still not decided the name of your baby, its time.  You can now get a list of Tamil baby names from Indian Hindu Baby site.

Bengali baby naming ceremony

Bengalis also celebrates the Namkaran ceremony with a bang and boost. If you are a Bengali, you must know how sincerely the Bengalis performs the naming ceremony.  Bengali baby naming ceremony has a wider importance as they believes that that name defines the personality and the character of a baby.  Bengali has a unique custom of putting names under each lighted diyas. The diya which will stay without going off till the last should be taken as the best name for baby. You can now get a list of Bengali baby boy and girl names from Indian Hindu Baby site.

Baby naming ceremony in Andhra

The  ceremony in Andhra is also known as Barasala or Namakarana Dolarohana. These names are very popular in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. In most of the regions, Baala Sara is celebrated on 11th day of baby’s birth. But in some parts of Andhra, Baby naming ceremony is conducted on 21st day or 29th day of baby’s birth. The ceremony can be organised in either home or temple. This is the day when baby is made to take bath and cleaned from head to feet. Women gather in a place and go on singing traditional song. Baby is draped new traditional clothing on this day. The father of the baby whispers the probable name of the baby three times in ears. With the help of rice granules, the name is written on floors.

Baby naming ceremony in Marathi tradition

The baby naming ceremony in Marathi culture is known as Baarsaa. Here the ceremony is organised in 12th day of his birth. Or it can also be organised post 40 days of baby’s birth. Various rituals and ceremonies are conducted during this event of Naamkaran. Pandit is called to get an auspicious date and time for traditional baby naming ceremony. It is also known as ‘Subh Mahurat’. Here, Kundali is given a great importance while deciding the first letter of baby name. The position of stars and planets at the time of baby’s birth is an important element to decide.  You can now get a list of Marathi baby names from Indian Hindu Baby site.

As per Hindu traditions, Namkaran of baby is done followed by a puja or hawan at home or temple. You must be asking the priest to do the needful for Hindu naming ceremony. The prayers are offered to the fire god, Agni along with other gods. Even the spirits of forefathers of baby are worshipped so that the child is protected from all types of negative powers. The blessings from the forefathers are also regarded to be important here. In certain parts of India, traditional baby naming ceremony include placement of baby over the lap of father or a relative. Then the names of baby are whispered one after another on the baby’s ear. With the end of the Namkaran ceremony, all the invitees and relatives showers blessing to the new born baby along with the touch of sugar on the baby’s lip.

How do you celebrate in your traditional way?


How to find meaningful house names

House names for good luck and fortune at home

Did you see house names in front of the villas and bungalows.  You must have felt envious about the names.  The good news is, you too can now find an awsome name your own house. You will be proud to see your house name once a letter reaches your home mentioning name for house along with address. You too can print the name in a stone in front of your villa. It will attract the visitors. But, you cannot just name your house as per your wish. There are some facts which must be considered.

Get Fortune and good luck

Are you afflicted of distress due to lack of achievement at your work place? Are the family members at your home suffering from diseases and negative health conditions? Is your child not getting good marks in exam? All these can be the result of misfortune. Choosing among the suitable Indian house names can give you a solution. It is better to get the name of houses on Hindu god and goddess’s name. This will render blessings and bring fortune always. I personally have named my home with god’s name. You won’t believe, it really worked with a boost of my achievement. You might be interested on modern variety of names. I can help you with the list of modern house names.  You get as many names as you like to be chosen for your home.

House names in different languages

I am a Bengali and wish to have my name of house inspired by Bengali god and Goddesses. What is your mother tongue? If you are an individual from southern part of India, Kerala house names, Malayalam house names, etc must be within your consideration. House names in Kannada is also having a wider focus in specific region of India. Our website can guide you get best house names according your language and taste. Certain parts of south India are well versed with the Malayalam language. Thus, house names in Malayalam have wider importance. People from north are comfortable speaking and understanding Hindi. If you are staying in northern part of India, house names in Hindi must be useful.

House names world wide

Do you stay outside India? Are you are foreigner with belief in Hindu customs? Indian house names in English with meaning are the best option for you.  Our website also includes house names in Sanskrit which can be useful for many of you. India has good number of scholars with Sanskrit as their main subject. You can now get Sanskrit names for house according to the taste and preference of yours.

House names in alphabetical order

We are here to present you famous house names in alphabetical order. You can get house names in India throughout website. If you are fond of typical Hindu house names, we are here to point out the best ones. Some of you must be very fond of Lord Krishna. Worshipping the god brings peace to you. Kerala house names related to lord Krishna can impress you. If you are the youngsters, old and primitive house names make not attract you. We also have good options for you. New house names can be chosen among the list displayed. If you are inclined to certain alphabet, such that your astrologer has asked you to use that particular alphabet for good luck and success in your life, we have that list too. The names for house can be formed with different combination. You can also choose the modern house names to stay trendy among your friends and colleagues.

The belief in choice of Sanskrit names for house can bring you good fortune.  I hope we could help you find a meaningful name for your house, that can bring you good luck and make you feel proud.


How to find starting letters based on date of birth or birth star?

What do you think should be your first step after new born arrives?  Yes, naming the baby must be your concern. There are many ways in which you can name the baby. You can name after the Gods and Goddesses that we worship. You can get the naming inspired by famous personality, a politician or a loved person in your family. We also name the child according to the seasons, days, natural objects and place of their birth.

We Hindus believe in selecting a child’s name based on the child’s ‘Nakshatra’ or birth star which is calculated by a Vedic astrologer on the Namkaran or naming ceremony. You can find the birth star by using the our birth star finder tool.This easy tool is prepared by renowned Vedic Astrologers with experience.

 Do you know what is Namkaran ?

Namkaran is one of the most important rituals performed by the Hindus. It is the formal naming ceremony performed in the Vedic tradition which is performed to name new born. We normally do this on an auspicious day after the 11 nights of baby’s deliver.  The number of days change based on different regional practices. For example, in Andhra Pradesh it is done in 21st day of baby’s birth. It is a happy ritual that we perform in a religious manner. This is the occasion where the entire family gets together.

Facts on birth star

As you know, Birth Stars are also known as Nakshatras, they are the star signs that are a part of Indian Astrology. The moon passes through 27 lunar houses while travelling through the sky. Each lunar house has an important star by which the nakshatra or birth star gets its name. Birth star or Janma Nakshatra helps you to accurately predict the opportunities, threat, strength and other positive and negative happenings in your baby’s life. This will help you take corrective actions from beforehand to remove negative happenings.

Choosing baby name on Nakshatra

Hindus has a strong belief in Nakshatra or star. If you are thinking about finding the first letter of your baby name, I have a solution here. Every child has his or her Nakshatra. This is calculated by the astrologer at the time of making his or her Kundali based on the date and exact time of birth. The Vedic astrologer has the freedom to bring out a letter to you at the time of Namkaran. These days internet has given us a boost in convenience. Once you know the Birthstar of the baby, You can use this tool to find baby name starting letters based on birth star.   The letter will be pious and can contribute in good luck of your baby throughout his/ her life. Legend goes like lord Shiva was performing Thandavam (the dance), these sounds came out corresponding to various constellations.  So naming babies according to these initial letters is considered auspicious and brings good luck.

How to calculate the birth star and starting letter on Baby name?

You need to understand this process of getting the first letter of a name for your child. The other name for birth star is Nakshatra, a unique system in Hindu astrology that is based on the position of moon.

For making the horoscope or janampatri the first thing you need is to give the date time and place of baby’s birth to a knowledgeable astrologer.  He will put in the details in a birth chart to calculate the position of the moon in the sky at the time of birth and find out the nakshatra of the baby. The calculation of the star sign done by the astrologers is based on the Indian Nirayana system.  Each nakshatra offers four possible sounds which are the pada of the nakshatra.  One of the sound is used to search for the various names of the baby starting with that syllable. The birth star is named after making the birth chart.

After you know the birth star the lucky syllable is chosen and the name is selected using that syllable as the first letter of the name.  You can also use the syllable and consult it with numerology to select the perfect name for the new born baby.

Did you know the Significance of the birth star or birth sign?

Don’t forget that the important decisions in the child’s life like naming, choosing career, arranging marriage or starting a new business are taken on the basis of the nakshatras. We all believe that the vibrations that come after calling the name has a great impact on the person’s life especially when the names are given after the birth star. These moon signs also represent the emotional, mental and physical stability of the individual.

Also understand the belief that the evil effects of the celestial objects can be minimised if the name is connected to the birth star.

You must believe the elders who are naming your baby based on the right nakshatra plays an important role in building the character, destiny and life of the child in future. The lucky syllable used is said to bring loads of success in the life of the baby.



Popular baby names of 2016



It’s that time of the year again. Where we look back at the time gone by and reminisce about the good and bad. But the thing with a new baby in house is that it’s only good memories and a great feeling of parenthood.

Everyone who’s experienced parenthood know, the first question we get is girl or a boy? and the next inevitable one: What’s the name? Unique names for baby, Modern sounding names for baby, easy on the ear and tongue, or go with a traditional name for your baby, the confusion prevailing before the naming ceremony is immense.

Here we share the 20 most popular names of 2016:

Top 10 Girl names of 2016:

Advika: Unique

Anvi: One of Goddess Durga’s name

Aradhaya: Worthy of worship

Aashi: Blessing

Harini: Deer like

Kaira: Unique

Pari: Angel

Pihu: Chirp of birds

Riya: Name of Goddess Lakshmi

Ruhi: A flower

Top 10 Popular Boys name of 2016:

Aarav: Peaceful

Arjun: white, clear; a warrior hero in Mahabharta

Aryan: belonging to the ancient race

Daksh: proficient

Ishaan: A name of Lord Shiva

Nipun: Very able

Rachit: Created

Reyansh: A part of Lord Shiva

Tejaswi: lustrous

Vivaan: One of Lord Krishna’s name

While some names went down the ladder, some maintained their status quo. A few made a new entry in the top 10 names for Indian Hindu Babies.

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