The story of Kubera becoming god of wealth

Vishrava had two wives. Kubera was born to the first wife. The second wife ( demon women) gave birth to Ravana, Kumbhakarna and Vibhishana. Kubera was the eldest son of the sage Vishrava and used to rule Lanka. He maintained very good relations with his cousins. However Ravana’s mother did not like her sons being so brotherly with Kubera.

She called her sons and said, “What are you up to? Consider Kubera’s pomp and glory. Have you got anything like that to show for yourselves? Do something to improve your own statures. You are demons and Kubera is god. “.

Thus instructed by their mother, Ravana, Kumbhakarna and Vibhishana went off to the forest to perform meditation. They pleased Brahma with their prayers and obtained boons to win over the kingdom of Lanka and become very strong.

With the help of the boons given by Brahma, the demons attacked Kubera and defeated him. They drove Kubera out of Lanka. Kubera possessed a beautiful Vimana named pushpaka. This was also taken by Ravana. Moreover Ravana announced to kill every one whoever gave a refuge to Kubera . No one dared give refuge to Kubera.

Kubera sought the advice of his grandfather Pulastya. Pulastya told him to go to the banks of the Ganga river and pray to lord Shiva there. Shiva appeared before Kubera and blessed him with the boon that Kubera would become the god of all wealth.

Moral:Mother can either plant the seeds of love or hatred in the hearts of her kids.