The naming ceremony of Krishna and Balaram


Garga, the family priest of the Yadus, came to Vraja at the request of Vasudeva. Nanda duly received him and said: – “You are versed in the Vedas and you are the author of an astrological treatise. Please perform the Naming ceremony of the two boys.” Garga replied: “I am known as the priest of the Yadus and, if I officiate at the ceremony, Kansa might suspect your son to be the eighth son of Devaki.”

Nanda promised strict privacy, and the Rishi performed the ceremony. Addressing Nanda, he then said: –

“This son of Rohini shall be called Rama or the charming one, as he shall charm his friends by his virtues. He shall be called Bala, from possessing excessive strength. From his bringing together the Yadus, he shall be called Sankarshana.”

“This other boy, taking body, yuga after yuga, had three colors, White (Sukla), Red (Rakta) and Yellow, (Pita). Now he has got the black color (Krishna). In the past, he was born as the son of Vasudeva. So those that know call him Srimat Vasudeva. He has many names and many forms, according to his deeds and attributes. Neither I nor other people know them all. He shall give you the greatest blessings and protect you against all dangers. In days of yore, good people conquered the ill-doers by his help. Those that are attached to him are not conquered by enemies, even as followers of Vishnu are not conquered by the Asuras. Therefore this son of Nanda is equal to Narayana by his virtues, powers and fame.”