Pranks of little Krishna


With growing childhood, Krishna became very naughty. Once the Gopa women made the following complaints.  Krishna would untie their calves before the milking time. He would steal their milk and curds and divide the remnants, after eating, among the monkeys. If they did not eat, he would break the pot. If he did not get the things he wanted, he would curse the inmates and other boys. If the pots were out of reach, he would raise himself on seats or husking stools and bear those hanging pots away to get at their contents. He would illumine the dark room by the glitter of his own body and that of his jewels, to serve his purpose. He would talk insolently, and spoil the ground.

The Gopa women exclaimed: “But now how innocent he looks before you.” Krishna betrayed fear in his eyes.  Yasoda would not beat him. So he only smiled.

One day Rama and other boys complained to Yasoda that Krishna had eaten earth. The mother remonstrated. “They have lied” exclaimed Krishna “Or if they have spoken the truth, then examine my mouth.” “Open it,” said Yasoda.

But what did she find within that mouth? The Seven Dvipas, the planets, the stars, the three Gunas and all their transformations, even Vrindavana and herself.  She lost in trans thinking “Is this dream or delusion or is this all the power of my own son? If Thou art then the Unknowable, my salutations to Thee. I take the shelter of Him, by whose Maya I seem to be Yasoda, this Nanda my husband, this boy my son, the Gos (cows) Gopas and Gopis to be mine.”  She had the true knowledge, but it was soon eclipsed by the Maya of Vishnu and Yasoda again knew Krishna to be her own son.