Popular baby names of 2016



It’s that time of the year again. Where we look back at the time gone by and reminisce about the good and bad. But the thing with a new baby in house is that it’s only good memories and a great feeling of parenthood.

Everyone who’s experienced parenthood know, the first question we get is girl or a boy? and the next inevitable one: What’s the name? Unique names for baby, Modern sounding names for baby, easy on the ear and tongue, or go with a traditional name for your baby, the confusion prevailing before the naming ceremony is immense.

Here we share the 20 most popular names of 2016:

Top 10 Girl names of 2016:

Advika: Unique

Anvi: One of Goddess Durga’s name

Aradhaya: Worthy of worship

Aashi: Blessing

Harini: Deer like

Kaira: Unique

Pari: Angel

Pihu: Chirp of birds

Riya: Name of Goddess Lakshmi

Ruhi: A flower

Top 10 Popular Boys name of 2016:

Aarav: Peaceful

Arjun: white, clear; a warrior hero in Mahabharta

Aryan: belonging to the ancient race

Daksh: proficient

Ishaan: A name of Lord Shiva

Nipun: Very able

Rachit: Created

Reyansh: A part of Lord Shiva

Tejaswi: lustrous

Vivaan: One of Lord Krishna’s name

While some names went down the ladder, some maintained their status quo. A few made a new entry in the top 10 names for Indian Hindu Babies.