Krishna, his flute (vamsika) and the Gopikas

Krishna roamed in the fresh forest with the cattle and his companions. He played upon the flute and the Gopis forgot themselves in hearing his music. They saw before their mind’s eye the dancing Krishna filling the holes of the flute with nectar flowing from his lips, the peacock feather on his head, Karnikara flower on his ears, his cloth yellow like gold and the Vaijayanti garland round his neck.

Some exclaimed: — “What better could the eyes feed upon than the lovely faces of Balarama¬† and Krishna, with the flutes touching their lips and their smiling glances.”

Some said: — “How beautiful they look with garlands of mango twigs, peacock feather and blue lotus. In the assembly of Gopas, they look like heroes on the theatrical stage.”

Others said: — “What did that bamboo piece of a flute do that it should drink so hard the nectar flowing from Krishna’s lips, the special possession of the Gopis, that nothing should remain but the taste thereof. The water that nourished it is thrilling with joy and the plant of which it is a shoot is shedding joysome tears.”

Some said: — “Look how lovely does Vrindavana look from the touch of Sri Krishna’s lotus feet! Look there, the peacock madly dances to the tune of the flute and other animals stand dumb on the summit of the hills and witness the scene. There is no spot on the earth like Vrindavana.”

Others said: — “How blessed are these female deer that In the company of their husbands hear the music of the flute and make an offering of their loving looks!”

Other Gopis said: — “So tempting is this form of Krishna and so alluring is the music of his flute that even Deva girls become lost to themselves. Look, how the cows drink that music with ears erect. And even the calves stand with their mothers’ milk in their mouths, eagerly listening to that sound. Those birds are no worse than Rishis, for they sit high on trees whence they can have a full view of Krishna and with eyes closed they silently hear the sweet music of the flute. Even the rivers show the love transformation of their hearts by their whirls and they stop their course to embrace the feet of Krishna with their raised billows serving as hands and offering lotus flowers at those feet. The clouds give shadow and they shed dewy flowers on Krishna. Most fortunate is Govardhana, for Krishna drives cattle on its sides and it makes its offerings of edibles and drink.”