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Numerology Report

Analyse your name and find out if it vibrates positively with your Date of Birth.

Bonus: We also included your customised monthly numerology predictions for the coming 1 year.


Numbers possess a cosmic force which you can understand through analyzing  the name spelling for numerological significance.  Believe it or not, but with timely thinking, you can actually turn your baby’s fate by just altering the spelling of his/her name.

Wondering how? All you need is to get the name of your baby analyzed against the various numerological parameters.

Our team of experts offers a complete numerological analysis of your baby’s name and explains its resonance with the Date of Birth of the child.

With a report that spans more than 15 pages that takes into consideration all the essential aspects of numerology, get a complete interpretation of your little one’s name.

Why Go for Numerological Analysis?

  • A promise of good luck and happy life
  • A chance to improvise on the name to make it stronger and enhance the vibrations
  • A sneak peek into the personality and emotional traits of the child

What does the Report Offer?

  • Evaluation of the name
  • Expressions and Talents
  • Personality
  • Desires
  • Passions
  • Karmic Lessons
  • Life Path
  • Maturity and Optimism
  • Challenges
  • Pinnacles

An Added Deal

By signing up for this numerological analysis, look forward to numerological predictions on a monthly basis for one year.

What you Need to Do?

Just enter the name of your child along with the date of birth. Also need to enter the email id to which the report should be sent.

The Financial Aspect

Get a detailed numerological analysis of your child’s name along with monthly predictions for a year for a rather nominal fee.

The report contains in-depth numerology analysis and is around 15+ pages.  Rs. 199/- only .

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and sign up for the analysis today.

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