Baby names ebook

Congratulations!! The storks have finally paid a visit and your little bundle of joy is here. It is now time to find the best and most unique name for your baby.

Whether you are going to follow the traditional path and choose a name based on the letter suggested by your guru or thinking of finding a name that has a numerological resonance with the baby’s date of birth, you are surely in for a tough time.

Well, not anymore!! Baby Indian presents an exclusive Ebook of baby names for the new parents. With an impressive collection of baby names for both boys and girls along with their meanings, we definitely aim at simplifying your task of name hunting.

Irrespective of what you religion or your preference for name, we have a whole compilation. From common names to really unique ones you can find anything and everything here.

From traditional, old fashioned names to modern, trendy names, there is no dearth of choices once you get your hands on this Baby Names Ebook.

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Finding a suitable unique baby name is the most precious gift you can give to the baby. However finding a suitable one is very tedious and time consuming. There are a lot of factors to consider, like birth star based on astrology, meaning of a name, religious origin and suitability as per numerology to give positive vibrations.

The good news is that we simplified this process for you. Now you can find the suitable names in a single click.

Click on this link and enter the birth details of the baby to get the list of names as per Astro Numerology.

So, get set and go!!!

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