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Indian Hindu baby girl names meaning star

Indian Hindu baby girl names meaning star
Aleshaa = A Star
Anuradha = A Bright Star
Anusha = Beautiful Morning, A Star
Arundhati = A Star
Ashwini = A Star
Ashwini = Name Of A Star
Aslesha = A Star
bahula = a star
bharani = name of a celestial star
bhikshaka = a star
bhuvadha = attention, a star
bishakha = a star
chandratara = the moon and the stars conjoined
dhanishta = a star
kashwini = star
krittika = name of a star
marichi = name of a star
pahal = the start
parveen = star
pracheeta = origin, starting point
prasheetha = origin, starting point
punarnava = a star
revati = a star
rohini = a star
shrabana = a star
shravana = a star
shravana, shrabana = name of a star
sitara = a star
sutara = holy star
swasti = name of a star
swati = a star
tara = star
tarai = star
taraka = star
tarakini = starry night
tarli = star
urvashi = the ganges, a star
valini = stars
vibhavari = starry night
vishaka = stars
vistarini = a goddess

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