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Indian Hindu baby boy names meaning gift

Indian Hindu baby boy names meaning gift

badriprasad = gift blessed by lord badri
bhanuprasad = gift of sun
devadatt = gift of the god
devadutt = gift of god
deviprasad = gift of godess
durgadutt = gift from godess durga
eshwardutt = gift of god
gangaadatt = gift of the ganges
gangadatt = gift of the ganges
gangadutt = gift of ganga
gurudutt = gift of the guru
indradutt = gift of indra
jwalaprasad=gift of flame
meghdutt = gift of clouds
meghnaad = gift of clouds
preetidutt = gifted with love
raamdatt = gift of rama
sagardutt = gift of ocean
saiprasad = blessing or gift of sai
shay = gift
shirdi prasad = sai babas gift
upada = a gift
varin = gifts
vishnudutt = gift of lord vishnu

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