Baby girl names starting with L

We have a list of 72 baby girl names starting with letter l.

Laabha profit3
Laalamani ruby9
Laasya dance performed by goddess parvathi2
Labangalata a flowering creeper8
Laboni graceful5
Labuki musical instrument3
Ladhi sangeet8
Ladli loved one4
Laghima goddess parvathi4
Laghuvi tender6
Lajita modest1
Lajja modesty2
Lajjawati modest woman9
Lajvanti ‘touch me not plant1
Lajvati shy7
Lakhi goddess laxmi4
Laksha aim7
Laksha white rose4
Lakshaki goddess sita9
Lakshana one with auspicious signs on her5
Lakshana one with auspicious signs on her, duryodhanas daughter6
Lakshanya one who achieves7
Lakshita distinguished7
Lakshmi goddess of wealth5
Lakshmishree fortunate3
Lakshya aim, destination7
Lalan nurturing8
Lalana a beautiful woman1
Lalasa love9
Lali blushing4
Lalima morning red in the sky3
Lalitamohana attractive, beautiful1
Lalitha elegant, beautiful6
Laranya graceful8
Lasaki sita; made of lac4
Lata a creeper4
Latakara mass of creepers6
Latangi a creeper,slim girl1
Latha a creeper5
Latika small creeper5
Lavali clove8
Lavangi apsara, of the clove plant7
Lavani grace3
Lavanya grace9
Lavenia purified2
Laxmi goddess of wealth9
Leela divine drama9
Leelamayee playful leelavati,1
Leelavati playful, goddess durga5
Leena a devoted one; tender5
Lekha writing, picture9
Lekisha life1
Leora light4
Libni manuscripts of god7
Lilavati gods will7
Lipi manuscripts of god5
Lipi script1
Lipika litters; alphabets8
Lochana eye, eyes9
Lohini red skinned4
Lohita red, ruby9
Lokajanani mother of the world5
Lokamatri lakshmi; mother of the world7
Lola goddess laxmi3
Lolaksi a sakti of ganesha3
Lolita ruby3
Lona beauty, pretty7
Lopa wife of sage7
Lopamudra wife of saint agastya6
Loukya worldly wise, goddess lakshmi9
Lumbika a musical instrument7
Lunasha beauty and brightness of flowers7

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