We have a list of 117 baby girl names starting with letter j.

Jaba hibiscus flower 0
Jagadamba mother of the universe 0
Jagadambika goddess durga 0
Jaganmata mother of the world 0
Jaganmayee goddess lakshmi 0
Jaganmohini goddess durga 0
Jagathi of the universe 2
Jagati bestowed with speed 1
Jagavi born of the world 1
Jagrati awakening 1
Jagriti vigilance 0
Jagruti awareness 1
Jagvi worldly 1
Jahanara queen of the world 0
Jaheel lake 0
Jahnavi ganga river 2
Jailekha a record of victory 0
Jaiman victorious 0
Jaimathi victorious mind 0
Jaina good character 0
Jaipriya beloved of victory 0
Jaishree honour of victory 1
Jaisudha nectar of victory 0
Jaitashri name of a music raaga 0
Jaiwanti victory 0
Jalabala a river 0
Jaladhi treasure of water 0
Jaladhija lakshmi 0
Jalahasini smile of water 0
Jalaja lotus, goddess of wealth 1
Jalanhili as blue as water 0
Jalbala lotus flower 0
Jalela goddess of water 0
Jalpa discussion 0
Jalsa celebration 0
Jamini night 0
Jamna indian river 0
Jamuna holy river 0
Janaki wife of lord rama, sita 0
Janaknandini daughter of king janak (sita) 0
Janani mother, tenderness 2
Janhavi river ganga 2
Janhitha one who thinks of the welfare of men 0
Janisha disperser of ignorance 0
Janitha born 1
Janki goddess sita 0
Jansi life like 1
Januja female offspring, daughter 0
Janya life, born 1
Jarul flower queen 0
Jasmin a flower 0
Jasmit famed 1
Jasu brainy 0
Jasum hibiscus 0
Jasweer victorious 0
Jaya victory 2
Jaya victory 0
Jayalakshmi the goddess of victory 1
Jayalalita victorious goddess durga 0
Jayamala garland of victory 0
Jayan victory 0
Jayani a sakti of ganesha 0
Jayanti victorious 1
Jayanti victorious 0
Jayantika goddess durga, parvati 1
Jayaprabha light of victory 1
Jayaprada giver of victory 1
Jayashree victorious woman 1
Jayashri goddess of victory 1
Jayasudha nectar of victory 1
Jayati victorious 1
Jayavanti victorious 1
Jayita victorious 1
Jayitri victorious 1
Jayna victory 1
Jayne victorious 0
Jayshri the goddess of victory 1
Jeeteshi goddess of victory 0
Jeeval full of life 0
Jeevana life 1
Jeevankala art of life 1
Jeevanlata creeper of life 1
Jeevika water 1
Jeevitha alive 1
Jenya true 1
Jetashri a raga 0
Jhalak glimpse, spark, sudden motion 0
Jharna a stream 0
Jhilmil sparkling 0
Jhinuk oyster 0
Jigisha superior 1
Jigna intellectual curiosity 0
Jignasa academic curiosity 1
Jigya curiosity to know 1
Jigyasa curiosity to know things 1
Jilpa life giving 0
Jinal lord vishnu 4
Jinisha superior 2
Jithya victorious 5
Jivika source of life 2
Jiya sweet heart 1
Joel god 0
Joshika young maiden 1
Joshila filled with enthusiasm 1
Joshita pleased 1
Jovita joy 1
Jowaki fire fly 0
Juhi a flower 1
Jwala flame 0
Jyena princess 1
Jyeshtha eldest child, a nakshatra 1
Jyoti flame, lamp 2
Jyotibala splendour 1
Jyotika light, a flame 1
Jyotirmayi provider of light 0
Jyotishmati luminous, glowing 1
Jyotsna moonlight 1

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