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Baby girl names starting with J

Indian Hindu baby girl names with J and the meaning.
Ja Je


jaba = hibiscus flower
jagadamba = mother of the universe
jagadambika = goddess durga
jaganmata = mother of the world
jaganmayee = goddess lakshmi
jaganmohini = goddess durga
jagathi = of the universe
jagati = bestowed with speed
jagavi = born of the world
jagrati = awakening
jagriti = vigilance
jagruti = awareness
jagvi = worldly
jahanara = queen of the world
jaheel = lake
jahnavi = ganga river
jailekha = a record of victory
jaiman = victorious
jaimathi = victorious mind
jaina = good character
jaipriya = beloved of victory
jaishree = honour of victory
jaisudha = nectar of victory
jaitashri = name of a music raaga
jaiwanti = victory

jalabala = a river
jaladhija = lakshmi
jaladhi = treasure of water
jalahasini = smile of water
jalaja = lotus, goddess of wealth
jalanhili = as blue as water
jalbala = lotus flower
jalela = goddess of water
jalpa = discussion
jalsa = celebration
jamini = night
jamna = indian river
jamuna = holy river
janaki = wife of lord rama, sita
janaknandini = daugter of king janak (sita)
janani = mother, tenderness
janhavi = river ganga
janhitha = one who thinks of the welfare of men
janisha = dispeller of ignorance
janitha = born
janki = goddess sita
jansi = life = like
januja = female offspring, daughter
janya = life, born

jarul = flower queen
jasmin = a flower
jasmit = famed
jasoda = mother of lord krishna
jasodhara = mother of lord buddha
jasu = brainy
jasum = hibiscus
jasweer = victorious
jaya = victory
jayalakshmi = the goddess of victory
jayalalita = victorious goddess durga
jayamala = garland of victory
jayan = victory
jayani = a sakti of ganesha
jayanti = victorious
jayantika = goddess durga, parvati
jayanti = victorious
jayaprabha = light of victory
jayaprada = giver of victory
jayashree = victorious woman
jayashri = goddess of victory
jayasudha = nectar of victory
jayati = victorious
jayavanti = victorious
jaya = victory
jayita = victorious
jayitri = victorious
jayna = victory
jayne = victorious
jayshri = the goddess of victory


jeeteshi = goddess of victory
jeeval = full of life
jeevana = life
jeevankala = art of life
jeevanlata = creeper of life
jeevika = water
jeevitha = alive
jenya = true
jetashri = a raga
jhalak = glimpse, spark, sudden motion
jharna = a stream
jhilmil = sparkling
jhinuk = oyster
jigisha = superior
jigna = intellectual curiosity
jignasa = academic curiosity
jigya = curiosity to know
jigyasa = curiosity to know things
jilpa = life giving
jinal = lord vishnu
jinisha = superior
jithya = victorious
jivika = source of life
jiya = sweet heart

joel = god
joshika = young maiden
joshila = filled with enthusiasm
joshita = pleased
jovita = joy
jowaki = fire fly
juhi = a flower
jwala = flame
jyena = princess
jyeshtha = eldest child, a nakshatra
jyotibala = splendour
jyoti = flame, lamp
jyotika = light, a flame
jyotirmayi / jyothirmaayee = provider of light
jyotishmati = luminous, glowing
jyotsna = moonlight

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