We have a list of 107 baby girl names starting with letter h.

Haimavati parvati, lord shivas wife 3
Haimi golden 2
Hamsa swan 1
Hamsagita devotional book 1
Hamsavahini who rides a swan; saraswathi 1
Hamsavalli swan 1
Hamsini who rides a swan; saraswathi 1
Hanima a wave 1
Hanitha like honey 2
Hansa swan 1
Hansamala a line or row of swans 1
Hansanandini daughter of a swan 1
Hansaveni another name for saraswathi 1
Hansika swan 3
Hansini swan and beautiful lady 3
Harathi divine fire in puja ritual 2
Harathmaja wife of siva 1
Hardhika to the heart 3
Haribala daughter of lord vishnu 1
Hariganga ganga of vishnu 1
Harijatha fair haired 1
Harikantha lakshmi 1
Harikrupa blessing of lord vishnu 1
Harimanti born in the season of hemanta 1
Harinakshi deer eyed 2
Harinakshi one with eyes like deer 1
Harini deer 1
Haripriya consort of lord vishnu, lakshmi 2
Haripriya liked by hari 2
Harita green 2
Harithi green 2
Harmya palace 1
Harper one who plays the harp 1
Harsha happiness 2
Harshada one who brings happiness 3
Harshal glad 2
Harshavardhini lakshmi 1
Harshi joyous 3
Harshika joyous, who gives happiness 2
Harshini happy 3
Harshita joyful; who brings happiness 3
Harshitha full of joy 2
Harsika laugh 3
Hasamathi always in joy 1
Hasanthi one that delights 1
Hasika smiling 3
Hasina beautiful 2
Hasina good 1
Hasita full of laughter 3
Hasna laughing 2
Hasumati happy 2
Hatisha with no desire 2
Heera diamond 2
Heerkani small diamond 2
Hema golden 2
Hemadri golden hills 2
Hemakshi golden eyed 4
Hemal golden 2
Hemalata golden creeper 2
Hemamalini parvathi 2
Hemangi golden body 2
Hemangini girl with golden body 2
Hemani goddess parvati 2
Hemanti born in the hemant season 2
Hemanti early winter 2
Hemanya golden bodied 2
Hemaprabha golden light 2
Hemashri one with golden body 2
Hemavati goddess parvati 2
Hemkanta golden girl 2
Hemlata golden creeper 2
Hena a flower 3
Henna mehendi 3
Hetal friendly 2
Hilla timid 1
Hima snow 2
Himabindhu parvathi 2
Himachala gauri 1
Himagouri parvati 1
Himaja goddess parvati 2
Himani parvati 1
Himani snow 1
Himanshu cool air 1
Himashankari gauri 0
Hina fragrance 1
Hinda female deer 1
Hindola a raga 1
Hiral lustrous 1
Hiral wealthy 1
Hiranmayi golden girl 2
Hiranya golden 2
Hiranyadha giving gold 1
Hirkani small diamond 2
Hita lovable 2
Hitaishi well wisher 2
Hiya heart 2
Holika lighting of ceremonial fire 1
Hoor a celestial 1
Hradha lake 1
Hradini lightening 2
Hridya heart, kind heart 8
Hrithika of kind heart 2
Huma bird of paradise 2
Humaila golden necklace 3
Husna beautiful 1
Hyma godess parvathi 2
Hymavathi godess lakshmi 1

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