We have a list of 85 baby girl names starting with letter g.

Gagana the sky 1
Gaganadipika the lamp of the sky 1
Gaganasindhu ocean of the sky 1
Gajagamini majestic like an elephants walk 1
Gajalakshmi lakshmi as graceful as an elephant 1
Gajra a string of flowers 2
Ganda knot 1
Gandha fragrant 1
Gandhali fragrance of flowers 1
Gandhara fragrance 1
Gandhari from gandhara city 1
Gandharika preparing perfume 1
Gandharvi parvathi 1
Gandhini fragrant 1
Ganga sacred river of india 1
Gangika river ganga 1
Gangotri sacred river of india 1
Ganitha regarded 1
Garati virtuous woman 1
Gargi an ancient scholar, knowledgeable 1
Garima greatest 1
Gathika song 1
Gatita a river 1
Gauhar a pearl 1
Gaura a fair woman 1
Gauravi goddess 1
Gauri a fair woman, parvati 2
Gaurideepa which lightens 1
Gauriganga form of goddess 1
Gaurija goddess 1
Gaurika a young girl 1
Gauripranaya beautiful 1
Gauripriya goddess 1
Gautami wife a sage gautam, river godavari 1
Gayana singing 1
Gayanthika singing 1
Gayatri mother of the vedas, a goddess 1
Gayatri the chant of salvation, goddess durga 1
Gazala a deer 1
Geena silvery 0
Geeta holy book of the hindus 0
Geeti a song 0
Geetika a little song 0
Geshna singer 0
Ghanasu greatest 0
Girija born of a mountain, goddess parvati 0
Girika summit of a mountain 0
Gita song 0
Gitali lover of song 0
Gitanjali an offering of songs 0
Gitika a small song 0
Goapriya likes cows 0
Godavari sacred river of india 0
Gomati name of a river 0
Gool a flower 0
Gopa gautamas wife 0
Gopalika a cowherd 0
Goparna best 0
Gopi a cowherd, cowherd woman 0
Gopikumar beautiful 0
Gormi parvathi 0
Gorochana goddess parvathi 0
Gospaja best 0
Gourangi fair complexioned 0
Govindi a devotee of lord krishna 0
Grhalakshmi lakshmi of the house 0
Grhitha understood and accepted 0
Gruhalakshmi goddess of home 0
Gruhasri ruler of home 0
Gudiya doll 0
Gulab rose 0
Gulbandhan garland 0
Gulika ball 0
Gunasundari made beautiful by virtues 0
Guncha flower buds 0
Gunitha proficient 0
Gunjan musical sound 0
Gunjana buzzing of a bee 0
Gunjika humming 0
Gunjita humming of bee 0
Gunwanti virtuous 0
Gurjari a raga 0
Gurudeep blessings of guru 0
Guruvachan the teachings of guru 0
Gyanada goddess saraswati 0

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