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Baby girl names starting with G

Indian Hindu baby girl names with G and the meaning.

Ga   Gi-Gy


gaganadipika = the lamp of the sky
gaganasindhu = ocean of the sky
gagana = the sky
gajagamini = majestic = like an elephant’s walk
gajalakshmi = lakshmi as graceful as an elephant
gajra = a string of flowers
ganda = knot
gandha = fragrant
gandhali = fragrance of flowers
gandhara = fragrance
gandhari = from Gandhara city
gandharika = preparing perfume
gandharvi = parvathi
gandhini = fragrant
ganga, gangotri = sacred river of india
gangika = river ganga
gangotri = sacred river of india
ganitha = regarded
garati = virtuous woman
gargi = an ancient scholar, knowledgeable
garima = greatest
gathika = song
gatita = a river

gauhar = a pearl
gaura = a fair woman
gauravi = goddess
gauri = a fair woman, parvati
gaurideepa = which lightens
gauriganga = form of goddess
gaurija = goddess
gaurika = a young girl
gauripranaya = beautiful
gauripriya = goddess
gautami = wife a sage gautam, river godavari
gayana = singing
gayanthika = singing
gayatri = mother of the vedas, a goddess
gayatri = the chant of salvation, goddess durga
gazala = a deer
geena = silvery
geeta = holy book of the hindus
geeti = a song
geetika = a little song
geshna = singer
ghanasu = greatest



girija = born of a mountain, goddess parvati
girika = summit of a mountain
gitali = lover of song
gitanjali = an offering of songs
gita = song
gitika = a small song
goapriya = likes cows
godavari = sacred river of India
gomati = name of a river
gool = a flower
gopa = gautama’s wife
gopalika = a cowherd
goparna = best
gopi, gopika = a cowherd, cowherd woman
gopikumar = beautiful
gormi = parvathi
gorochana = goddess parvathi
gospaja = best

gourangi = fair complexioned
govindi = a devotee of lord krishna
grhalakshmi = lakshmi of the house
grhitha = understood and accepted
gruhalakshmi = goddess of home
gruhasri = ruler of home
gudiya = doll
gulab = rose
gulbandhan = garland
gulika = ball
gunasundari = made beautiful by virtues
guncha = flower buds
gunitha = proficient
gunjana = buzzing of a bee
gunjan = musical sound
gunjika = humming
gunjita = humming of bee
gunwanti = virtuous
gurjari = a raga
gurudeep = blessings of guru
guruvachan = the teachings of guru
gyanada = goddess Saraswati


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