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Baby boy names starting with Y

Indian Hindu baby boy names starting with Y .
Ya Yo


yadav = community related to lord krishna
yadav = sri krishna
yadavendra = leader of the yadavas
yadhava chandra = krishna
yadhavendra = sri krishna
yadheswar = lord at yadhagiri , nara simha swami
yadhgiri = famous piligramage
yadhu mithra = friend of yadhus krishna
yadhu simha = krishna
yadhunath = sri krishna
yadu = an ancient king
yadunandan = son of yadu, krishna
yadunath = lord krishna
yaduraj = lord krishna
yaduvir = lord krishna
yaekanth = only the one
yagapreeth = who loves yoga, lord
yagna = ceremonial rites to god
yagnabhushan = wearing yagna a an ornament
yagnesh = lord of yagna
yagnya prabhu = lord of yagna
yagnyavalkya = the deciple of vysampayana rishi
yagya = sacrifice
yagyasen = name of king drupad
yagyesh = lord for the sacrificial fire
yaj = a sage
yajat = lord shiva
yajnadhar = lord vishnu
yajnarup = lord krishna
yajnesh = lord vishnuyakootah emerald
yaksha = a type of a demi-god
yakshapathy = kubera
yakshu raj = kubera

yamahil = lord vishnu
yamajit = lord shiva
yamha = dove
yamir = moon
yarish chandra = a famous maharshi
yash = fame
yashas = fame
yashaschandra = glowing with fame
yashasvi = attained famous
yashmit = famed
yasho athi = famous
yashodev = lord of fame
yashodha krishna = krishna loved by mother yashoda
yashodha kumar = son of yashodha , lord krishna
yashodhan = rich in fame
yashodhar = famous
yashovardhana = who becomes famous
yashovarman = jewel who becoms famous
yashpal = lord krishna
yashraj = king of fame
yashvasin = the popular. lord ganesha
yashwant = one who has achieved glory
yasodhanandha = sri krishna
yasti = slim
yathavan = lord vishnu
yathidev = with the name yathi
yathinath = with the name yathi
yathiswar = lord of devotees
yatin = ascetic
yatindra = lord indra
yatish = lord of devotees
yatiyasa = silver
yatnesh = god of efforts
yavan = young
yayati = name of a sage
yayin = lord shiva


yodha = the great fighter
yogadeva = lord of yoga
yogamruth = the nector of yoga
yoganidra = meditation
yogapathi = best of maharshis
yogasiddheshwar = achieved the blessings of shiva
yogendra = god of yoga
yogesh = god of yoga
yogi = devotee
yoginampati = lord of the yogis
yogindra = maharshi
yogine = saint. a name for lord hanuman
yogini = lover of yogas. lord krishna
yogiraj = great ascetic, lord shiva
yojit = planner
yudhajit = victor in war
yudhisthir = firm in battle , dharma raju
yugandhar = lives till end of an era
yugantar = lives till end of an era
yukta = idea
yukthamukh = union of all faces of brahma
yuval = brook
yuvaraj = prince, heir apparent
yuvaram = young lord rama
yuvasamrat = young empreror
yuyutsu = eager to fight

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