Baby boy names starting with Y

We have a list of 94 baby boy names starting with letter y.

Yadav community related to lord krishna8
Yadav sri krishna8
Yadavendra leader of the yadavas5
Yadhavachandra krishna3
Yadhavendra sri krishna4
Yadheswar lord at yadhagiri , nara simha swami5
Yadhgiri famous pilgrimage9
Yadhumithra friend of yadhus krishna2
Yadhusimha krishna1
Yadhunath sri krishna3
Yadu an ancient king6
Yadunandan son of yadu, krishna9
Yadunath lord krishna4
Yaduraj lord krishna8
Yaduvir lord krishna1
Yaekanth only the one4
Yagapreeth who loves yoga, lord7
Yagna ceremonial rites to god3
Yagnabhushan wearing yagna a an ornament4
Yagnesh lord of yagna7
Yagnyaprabhu lord of yagna4
Yagnyavalkya the disciple of vysampayana rishi1
Yagya sacrifice5
Yagyasen name of king drupad7
Yagyesh lord for the sacrificial fire9
Yaj a sage9
Yajat lord shiva3
Yajnadhar lord vishnu1
Yajnarup lord krishna7
Yajnesh lord vishnuyakootah emerald1
Yaksha a type of a demi-god2
Yakshapathy kubera9
Yakshuraj kuberayamahil6
Yamajit lord shiva7
Yamha dove3
Yamir moon3
Yarishchandra a famous maharshi3
Yash fame8
Yashas fame1
Yashaschandra glowing with fame5
Yashasvi attained famous5
Yashmit famed5
Yashoathi famous7
Yashodev lord of fame9
Yashodhakrishna krishna loved by mother yashoda8
Yashodhakumar son of yashodha , lord krishna1
Yashodhan rich in fame5
Yashodhar famous9
Yashovardhana who becomes famous2
Yashovarman jewel who becomes famous2
Yashpal lord krishna1
Yashraj king of fame1
Yashvasin the popular. lord ganesha1
Yashwant one who has achieved glory3
Yasodhanandha sri krishna7
Yasti slim2
Yathavan lord vishnu2
Yathidev with the name yathi4
Yathinath with the name yathi7
Yathiswar lord of devotees7
Yatin ascetic6
Yatindra lord indra2
Yatish lord of devotees1
Yatiyasa silver2
Yatnesh god of efforts2
Yavan young9
Yayati name of a sage9
Yayin lord shiva2
Yodha the great fighter8
Yogadeva lord of yoga8
Yogamruth the nectar of yoga2
Yoganidra meditation4
Yogapathi best of maharshis3
Yogasiddheshwar achieved the blessings of shiva4
Yogendra god of yoga8
Yogesh god of yoga7
Yogi devotee2
Yoginampati lord of the yogis4
Yogindra maharshi3
Yogine saint. a name for lord hanuman3
Yogini lover of yogas. lord krishna7
Yogiraj great ascetic, lord shiva4
Yojit planner7
Yudhajit victor in war8
Yudhisthir firm in battle , dharma raju6
Yugandhar lives till end of an era9
Yugantar lives till end of an era8
Yukta idea6
Yukthamukh union of all faces of brahma4
Yuval brook9
Yuvaraj prince, heir apparent8
Yuvaram young lord rama2
Yuvasamrat young emperor6
Yuyutsu eager to fight8

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