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Baby boy names starting with T

Indian Hindu baby boy names with T and the meaning.


taarank = part of a star
taha = pure
tahir = holy
tahoma = a cute personality
tajdar = corwned
taksa = a son of bharata
taksha = king bharat’s son
takshak = a cobra
taksheel = someone with a strong character
talaketu = bhishma pitamaha
talank = lord shiva
talin = lord shiva
talish = lord of earth
tamal = a tree with very dark bark
tamas = darkness
tamila = sun
tamish = god of darkness (moon)
tamkinat = pomp
tamoghna = lord vishnu; lord shiva
tamonash = destroyer of ignorance
tamra = copper red
tana = issue
tanak = prize
tanav = flute
tanay = son
tandeep = inner soul, light inside
tanish = ambition
tanishq = jewel

tanmay = engrossed
tanuj = son
tanul = to expand, progress
tanveer = englightened
tapan = sun, summer
tapas = heat, penance,sun
tapasendra = lord shiva
tapasranjan = lord vishnu
tapendra = lord of heat (sun)
tapesh= lord surya , sun
tapomay = full of moral virtue
taporaj = moon
tarachand = star
tarachandra = moon among the stars
taradhish = lord of the stars
tarak = protector
tarak = star, pupil of eye, protector
tarakesh = stary hair
tarakeshwar = lord shiva
taraknath = lord shiva
taraksh = mountain
taral = honeybee
taran = raft, heaven

tarang = wave
taranga = wave
tarani = boat, sun
taranjot= light of heaven
taraprashad = star
tarendra = prince of stars
taresh = god of the stars (moon)
tarik = one who crosses the river of life
tariq = morning star
tarit = lightning
tarosh = “heaven, small boat”
tarpan = refreshing
taru = small plant
tarun = young, youth
taruntapan = morning sun
tarusa = conquerer
tathagat = title of the buddha
tathagata = the buddha
tatharaj = buddha
tatya = lord shiva
tausiq = reinforcement
tautik = pearl
tavish = heaven
teerth = holy place, sacred water
teerthankar = a jain saint
tej = light, lustrous
tejal = bright
tejas = lustre, brilliance
tejeshwar = lord of brightness, sun
tejomay = glorious

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