1000 names of goddess lalitha (Sahasra nama) with meaning

The one thousand holy names of goddess Lalitha parameswari- the sahasranama with meaning in plain english.

Aabrahma keeda jananiShe has created all beings from worm to Lord Brahma
Aagnawho is the order
Aarakthavarniwho is slightly red
Aashobhanawho has full glitter
Abala gopa vidhithawho is worshipped by all right from children and cowherds
Abhyasathisaya gnathawho can be realized by constant practice
Achintya roopawho is beyond thought
Adbutha charithrawho has a wonderful history
Adhi garvithawho is very proud
Adishakthiwho is the primeval force
Adurshyawho cannot be seen
Agna chakarantharalasthawho lives in between two eye lids in the form of who orders
Agna chakrabja nilayawho sits on the lotus called Agna chakra or the wheel of order
Agnana dwantha deepikawho is the lamp that drives away ignorance
Agra ganyawho is at the top
Aja jethreewho has won over ignorance
Ajhawho does not have birth
Akanthawho removes sins
Aksha maladhi dharawho wears meditation chains
Akulawho is beyond kula or who is beyond any knowledge
Amathiwho is ignorance
Ambawho is the mother
Ambikawho is the mother of the world
Ameyawho cannot be measured
Amoorthawho does not have a form
Amruthathi maha sakthi samvruthawho is surrounded by Maha shakthis like Amrutha,Karshini, Indrani, Eesani, uma,Urdwa kesi
Anadhi nidhanawho does not have either end or beginning
Anagawho is not neared by sin
Anahathabja nilayawho lives in the twelve petalled lotus
Anakalidha Sadrushya Chibuka sri virajithawho has a beautiful chin which has nothing else to compare
Ananda Kalikawho is the happiness in beings
Anargya kaivalya pada dhayiniwho gives the immeasurable heavenly stature
Anavadhyangiwho has most beautiful limbs which do not lack any aspect of beauty
Aneka koti Bramanda jananiwho is the mother of several billions of universes
Anithya thripthawho gets happy with prayers using temporary things
Ankusathi praharanawho holds Ankusha and other weapons
Annadhawho gives food
Anthar mukha samaradhyawho is worshipped by internal thoughts
Anugrahadawho blesses
Anuthamawho is above all
Aparichedyawho cannot be predicted to be in a certain place
Aparnawho did meditation without even eating a leaf
Aprameyawho cannot be measured
Arunaruna kausumba vasthra bhaswat kati thatiwho shines in her light reddish silk cloth worn over her tiny waist
Ashta moorthywho has eight forms
Ashtami chandra vibhraja dhalika sthala shobhithawho has a beautiful forehead like the half moon (visible on eighth day from new moon)
Aswaroodadishidaswa kodi kodi biravruthawho is surrounded by crores of cavalry of horses
Atmawho is the soul
Atma vidhyawho is the science of soul
Avaradhawho punishes bad people
Avyaja karuna moorhywho shows mercy without reason
Avyakthawho is not clearly seen
Ayeewho is the mother
Ayoniwho does not have a cause or who is not born
Bahir mukha sudurlabhawho can be attained by external prayers
Bahu roopawho has several forms
Baindavasanawho sits in the dot of the thousand petalled lotus
Balawho is a young maiden
Bali priyawho likes the strong
Banda puthra vadodyuktha bala vikrama nandhitawho was pleased by the valour of Bala devi(her daughter) in destroying the sons of Banda
Banda surendra nirmuktha sashtra prathyasthra varshaniwho rained arrows and replied with arrows against Bandasura
Bandha mochiniwho releases us from bondage
Barbharalakawho has forelocks which resembles waves
Bavagnawho understands wishes and thoughts
Bhadra moorthywho is personification of all that is good
Bhadra priyawho is interested in doing good to her devotees
Bhaga maliniwho is the goddess bhaga malini
Bhagaradhyawho is to be worshipped in the universe round the sun
Bhagavathiwho is with all wealth and knowledge
Bhagyabdhi chandrikawho is the full moon to the sea of luck
Bhairaviwho is the consort of Bhairava
Bhaktha Chitta Keki Ganaganawho is the black cloud to the peacock which is he devotees mind
Bhaktha hardha thamo bedha bhanu mat bhanu santhathiwho is like the sun rays which remove the darkness from the heart of devotees
Bhaktha manasa hamsikhawho is like a swan in the lake called mind
Bhaktha Nidhiwho is the treasure house of devotees
Bhaktha sowbhagya dhayiniwho gives all good and luck to her devotees
Bhakthi gamyawho can be reached by devotion
Bhakthi mat kalpa lathikawho is the wish giving creeper Kalpaga
Bhakthi priyawho likes devotion to her
Bhakthi vasyawho can be controlled by devotion
Bhalasthawho is in the forehead
Bhanda sainya vadodyuktha shakthi vikrama harshithawho was pleased by the various Shakthis(literally strength but a goddess) who helped in killing the army of Bhandasura
Bhandasura vadodyuktha shakthi sena samavithawho is surrounded by army set ready to kill Bandasura
Bhandhooka kusuma prakhyawho has the glitter of bhandhooka flowers
Bhandinyadhi samanvidhawho is surrounded by Shakthis called Bandhini
Bhanu mandala madhyasthawho is in the middle of the sun’s universe
Bhasha roopawho is personification of language
Bhava Chakra PravarthaniShe makes the wheel of birth rotate
Bhava dhava sudha vrishtiwho douses the forest fire of the sad life of mortals with a rain of nectar.
Bhava nasiniwho helps us not have another birth
Bhava rokagniwho cures the sin of birth
Bhavabhava vivarjithawho does not have birth or death
Bhavana gamyawho can be attained by thinking
Bhavaniwho gives life to the routine life of human beings or who is the consort of Lord Shiva
Bhavarany kudarigawho is like the axe used to cut the miserable life of the world
Bhayapahawho removes fear
Bhedha nasiniwho promotes oneness
Bhoginiwho enjoys pleasures
Bhooma roopawho is what we see , hear and understand
Bhuvaneshwariwho is the Goddess presiding over the universe
Bindhu tharpana santhushtawho is happy with the offering in the dot of Ananda maya chakra
Bindu mandala vaasiniwho lives in the dot in the center of Srichakra
Bisa thanthu thaniyasiwho is as thin as the thread from lotus
Brahma roopawho is the personification of ultimate
Brahmaawho is the creator
Brahmanandawho is the ultimate happiness
Brahmaniwho is the wife of easwara
Brahmaniwho is the strength behind creator
Brahmiwho has one aspect of Brhma
Brhama Grandhi Vibhediniwho breaks the tie in Brahma grandhi i.e who helps us to cross the ties due to our birth.
Brhmatmykya swaroopiniwho merges herself in brahma-the ultimate truth
Brhmopendra mahendradhi deva samsthutha vaibhavawho is prayed by Lord Brahma , Vishnu, indra and other devas
Brihat senawho has big army
Brihathiwho is big
Budharchithawho is being worshipped by the enlightened
Chadur bahu samanvidhawho has four arms
Chaitanya kusuma priyawho likes the never fading flowers
Chaithnyarkya samaradhyawho is worshipped by the ablation of water
Chakra Raja Nikethanawho lives in the middle of Sree Chakra
Chakra raja ratha rooda sarvayudha parishkridhawho is fully armed and rides in the Srichakra chariot with nine stories
Champakasoka punnaga sowgandhika lasath kachawho wears in her hair flowers like Champaka, Punnaga and Sowgandhika
Champeya kusuma priyawho likes the flowers of Champaka tree
Chanda mundasura nishoodhiniwho killed the asuras called Chanda and Munda
Chanda sarawho is the meaning of Vedas
Chandana drava dhigdhangiwho applies sandal paste all over her body
Chandikawho is supremely angry
Chandra mandala Madhyagawho is in the center of the universe around the moon
Chandra nibhawho is like the full moon
Chandra Vidyawho is personification of Sri Vidya as expounded by Moon
Charachara Jagannathawho is the Lord of all moving and immobile things
Charu Chandra Kaladharawho wears the beautiful crescent
Charu Hasawho has a beautiful smile
Charu Roopawho is very beautiful
Chathu sashti kala mayiwho has sixty four sections
Chathur vakthra manoharawho has four beautiful faces
Chathuranga baleswaiwho is the leader of the four fold army (Mind, brain, thought and ego)
Chatustatyupacharadyawho should be worshipped with sixty four offerings
Chethana roopawho is the personification of the power behind action
Chid kalawho is the micro power deep within
Chidagni Kunda Samboothawho rose from the fire of knowledge and is the ultimate truth
Chidekara swaroopiniwho is wisdom through out
Chinmayiwho is the personification action in every thing
Chinthamani grihanthasthawho lives in the all wish full filling house
Chithiwho is personification of wisdom
Chitsakthiwho is the strength of holy knowledge
Dakineeswariwho is goddess of the south(denoting death)
Daksha yagna vinasiniwho destroyed the sacrifice of Rudra
Dakshayaniwho is the daughter of Daksha
Dakshina Daksinaradhyawho is worshipped by the learned and ignorant
Dakshina moorthi roopiniwho is the personification of God facing South (The teacher form of Shiva)
Damaryadhibhi ravruthawho is surrounded by Goddess like Damari
Dasa mudhra samaradhyawho is worshipped by ten mudras(postures of the hand)
Daurbhagya thoolavathoolawho is the cyclone that blows away the cotton of bad luck.
Deekshithawho gives the right to do fire sacrifice
Desa kala parischinnawho is not divided by region or time
Deva karya samudhyathawho is interested in helping devas
Devarshi Gana sangatha stuyamanathma vaibhavawho has all the qualities fit to be worshipped by sages and devas
Deveshiwho is the goddess of Gods
Dhadimi kusuma prabhaShe whose colour is like the pomegranate bud
Dhadyanna saktha hridhayawho likes curd rice
Dhaharakasa roopiniwho is of the form of wide sky
Dhaitya Shamaniwho controls anti gods
Dhamshtrojwalawho shines with long protruding teeth
Dhanadhanya vivardhaniwho makes wealth and grain to grow
Dhanadyakshawho presides over wealth
Dhanda neethisthawho judges and punishes
Dhanyawho has all sort of wealth
Dharawho carries (beings like earth)
Dharahasojwalanmukhiwho has face that glitters with her smile
Dharandholitha deergakshiwho has long eyes which have slight movement
Dharasmera mukhambujawho has a smiling face like the lotus in full bloom
Dharasuthawho is the daughter of the mountain
Dharma dharawho is the basis of Dharma-the rightful action
Dharma vardhiniwho makes dharma grow
Dharmadhrama vivarjithawho is beyond Dharma (justice) and Adharma(injustice)
Dharminiwho likes dharma
Dhaya moorthiwho is personification of mercy
Dheerawho is courageous
Dheera samarchidawho is being worshipped by the courageous
Dhithya hanthriwho kills asuras
Dhrithiwho is personification of courage
Dhuka hanthriwho removes sorrows
Dhuradharshawho cannot be won
Dhuraradhyawho is rarely available for worship
Dhurgawho is Dhurga who is a nine year old girl
Dhurgamawho can not be neared easily
Dhurlabhawho is difficult to obtain
Dhyana Dhyathru dhyeya roopawho is personification of meditation, the being who meditates and what is being meditated upon
Dhyanagamyawho can be attained by meditation
Dhyuthidharawho has light
Divya Gandhadyawho has godly smell
Divya Vigrahawho is beautifully made
Dosha varjithawho does not have anything bad
Drusya rahithawho does not see things differently
Durachara samaniwho destroys evil practices
Dushta doorawho keeps far away from evil men
Dwaitha varjithawho is away from more than one
Dwija brinda nishewithawho is being worshipped by all beings
Eewho is the letter e
Eeswariwho is of the form of easwara
Ekakiniwho is only herself and alone
Gagananthasthawho is situated in the sky
GambheeraShe whose depth cannot be measured
Gana lolupawho likes songs
Ganambawho is mother to Ganesha and bhootha ganas
Gandharwa Sevithawho is worshipped by gandharwas
Garvithawho is proud
Gayathriwho is Gayathri
Geya chakra ratha rooda manthrini pari sevithawho rides in the chariot with seven stories and is served by manthrini who is the goddess of music
Giri chakra ratharooda dhanda natha puraskruthawho rides in the chariot with five stories and is served by goddess Varahi otherwise called Dhanda natha
Gnadhawho gives out knowledge
Gnana gamyawho can be attained by knowledge
Gnana gneya swaroopiniwho is what is thought and the thought
Gnana mudhrawho shows the symbol of knowledge
Gnana Vigrahawho is personification of knowledge
Gomathawho is the mother cow
Gopthriwho saves
Govinda roopiniwho is of the form of Govinda
Gowriwho is white coloured
Gubdhawho is beautiful
Gudanna preetha manasawho likes rice mixed with jaggery
Guhajanma bhoowho is the birth place of Lord Subrahmanya
Guhambawho is mother of Lord Subrahmanya (Guha)
Guhyawho is secret
Guhya roopiniShe whose form is hidden from all
Guhyakaradhyawho should be worshipped in secret places
Guna nidhiwho is the treasure house of good qualities
Guna theethawho is beyond properties
Guru mandala roopiniwho is the universe round teachers
Guru moorthiwho is the teacher
Guru Priyawho likes teachers
Hakini roopa dhariniwho has the name Hakini
Hamsavathi mukhya shakthi samanvithawho is surrounded by shakthis called Hamsavathi
Hamsiniwho is surrounded by swans
Hara nethragni sandhagdha kama sanjeevanoushadhiwho brought back to life the God of love Manmatha who was burnt to ashes by the fire from the eyes of Shiva
Hardrannaika rasikawho likes rice mixed with turmeric powder
Hari brahmendra sevithawho is served by Gods like Vishnu,Indra and Brahma
Harimathiwho is shy
Heyopadeya varjithawho does not have aspects which can be accepted or rejected
Hridayasthawho is in the heart
Hrim kariwho makes the holy sound Hrim
Hrudyawho is in the heart (devotees)
Iccha shakthi-Gnana shakthi-Kriya shakthi swaroopiniwho has desire as her head, Knowledge as her body and work as her feet
Indra Dhanu Prabhawho is like the rain bow
Indra kopa parikshiptha smarathunabha jangikawho has forelegs like the cupids case of arrows followed by the bee called Indra kopa
Jada shakthiwho is the strength of the immobile
Jadathmikhawho is the world of immobile
Jagariniwho is always awake
Jagat Dhathriwho supports the world
Jagathi kandhawho is like a root to the world
Jalandhara sthithawho is on Jalandhara peetha or who is purest of the pure
Jananiwho is the mother
Janma mrutyu jara thaptha jana vishranthi dhayiniwho is the panacea of ills of birth, death and aging
Japapushpa nibhakrithiwho has the colour of hibiscus
Jaradwanthara viprabhawho is the suns rays that swallows the darkness of old age
Jayaawho is personification of victory
Jayatsenawho has an army which wins
Jwalimalika ksiptha vanhi prakara madhyakawho is in the middle of the fort of fire built by the Goddess Jwalamalini
Kaamyawho is of the form of love
Kaanthawho glitters
Kadambari priyawho likes the wine called Kadambari or who likes long stories
Kadambha kusuma priyawho likes the flowers of Kadamba
Kadambha manjari kluptha karna poora manoharawho has beautiful ears like the kadamba flowers
Kadambha vana vasiniwho lives in the forest of Kadmbha (Madurai city is also called Kadambha vana)
Kaivalya Padha dhayiniwho gives redemption as well as position
Kakini roopa dhariniwho resembles Kakini
Kala hanthriwho kills god of death
Kala kantiwho is the consort of he who killed the god of death
Kala nadhawho is the chief of arts
Kala nidhiwho is the treasure of arts
Kala rathryadhi Shakthi youga vrudhawho is surrounded by Shakthis like Kalarathri. Kanditha, Gayathri, ….etc
KalaalapaShe whose talk is artful
Kalamalawho wears arts as garlands
Kalathmikawho is the soul of arts
Kalavathiwho is an artist or who has crescents
Kali kalmasha nasiniwho removes the ills of the dark age
Kalpana rahithawho does not imagine
Kalyawho is expert in arts
Kalyaniwho does good
Kama keli tharangithawho is the waves of the sea of the play of the God
Kama Kotikawho sits on Kama Koti peetha
Kama poojithawho is being worshipped by the god of love in the kama giri peeta of Mooladhara chakra-Kama
Kama roopiniwho can take any form
Kama sevithawho is worshipped by Kama, the God of love
Kamadhayiniwho gives what is desired
Kamadhukhwho fulfills desires
Kamakala roopawho is the personification of the art of love
Kamakshiwho fulfills desires by her sight
Kamalaksha nishevithawho is being worshipped by the lotus eyed Vishnu
Kamesha baddha mangalya sutra shobitha kandharawho shines with the sacred thread in her neck tied by Lord Kameshwara
Kamesha gnatha sowbhagya mardworu dwayanvithawho has pretty and tender thighs known only to her consort, Kameshwara
Kameshwara mukaloka kalpitha sri Ganeshwarawho created God Ganesh by the mere look of the face of her Lord , Kameshwara
Kameshwara prana nadiwho is the life source of Kameswara
Kameshwarasthra nirdhagdha sabandasura sunyakawho destroyed Bandasura and his city called sunyaka by the Kameshwara arrow.
Kameswara prema rathna mani prathi pana sthaniwho gave her breasts which are like the pot made of Rathna(precious stones) and has obtained the love of Kameshwara
Kanath kanaka thadangawho wears the glittering golden ear studs
Kankangadha Keyura Kamaniya Bujanvidhawho wears golden Armlets
Kantatha kadi paryantha Madhya koodaiga swaroopiniShe whose portion from neck to hips is Madya koota
Kanthatha vigrahawho is half of her husband (kantha)
Kanthiwho is personification of light
Kanthi mathiwho has ethereal luster
Kapardhiniwho is the wife of Kapardhi (Siva with hair)
Karanguli nakhothpanna narayana dasakrithiwho created the ten avatharas of Narayana from the tip of her nails
Karpoora Veedi Kamodha Samakarsha digandarawho chews betel leaf with the spices which give perfume in all directions
Karuna rasa sagarawho is the sea of the juice of mercy
Karya karana nirmukthawho is beyond the action and the cause
Kashtawho is in the ultimate boundary
Kataksha kimkari bhootha kamala koti sevithawho is attended by crores of Lakshmis who yearn for her simple glance
Kathyayiniwho is Kathyayini in Odyana peetha or who is the daughter of sage Kathyayana
Kaula marga that para sevithawho is being worshipped by people who follow Kaula matha
Kauliniwho is the unification of the principles of Shiva and Shakthi
Kaulini kevalawho is mixture of the koula and kevala methods
Kavya kalawho is the art of writing
Kavya labha vimodhiniwho enjoys being described in epics
Kevalaawho is she herself
Khadwangadhi prakaranawho has arms like the sword
Klim kareewho is the shape of Klim
Komalakarawho has soft beautiful form
Komalangiwho has beautiful limbs
Kooda Gulphawho has round ankles
Koorma prashta jayishnu prapadanvidhawho has upper feet like the back of the tortoise
Kootasthawho is stable
Kosa nathawho protects the treasury
Krodha –samaniwho destroys anger
Krodhakarankusojwalawho glitters and has anger in the form of Anghusa –in one of her right hands.
Kruthagnawho watches all actions of every one or who knows all
Ksharaksharathmikawho can never be destroyed and also destroyed
Kshaya nirmukthawho does not have death
Kshaya vridhi nirmukthawho neither decreases or increases
Kshethra kshethragna paliniwho looks after bodies and their lord
Kshetra pala samarchithawho is worshipped by those who look after bodies
Kshetra swaroopawho is personification of the Kshetra or body
Kshetresiwho is goddess of bodies
Kshobhiniwho creates high emotions or who gets agitated
Ksipra prasadhiniwho is pleased quickly
Kula kundalayawho lives in kula kunda or who is the power called Kundalani
Kula roopiniwho is personification of culture
Kula sanketha paliniwho protects the powerful truths from falling into unsuitable people
Kula yoginiwho is related to the family or who is related to the ultimate knowledge
Kulamruthaika rasikawho gets pleasure in drinking the nectar flowing from the thousand petalled lotus below the brain.
Kulanganawho is a lady belonging to cultured family or who is like Srividya known only to one whom it belongs
Kulanthasthawho is fit to be worshipped any where
Kuleshwariwho is the goddess for the clan
Kulotheernawho is beyond the group of senses
Kumara gana nadambhawho is mother to Ganesha and Subrahmanya
Kundaliniwho is in the form of Kundalini ( a form which is a snake hissing and exists in mooladhara)
Kuru kullawho is of the form of Kuru kulla devi who lives in Vimarsa
Kuru vinda mani sreni kanath kotira mandithaShe whose crown glitters with rows of inlaid precious stones (Padmaraga stones)
Kusalawho is intelligent
Lajjawho is shy
Lakinyambha swaroopiniwho is famous in the name of Lakini
Lakshya roma latha dharatha samunneya madhyamawho is suspected to have a waist because of the creeper like hairs raising from there
LalithambikaThe easily approachable mother.
Lasya priyawho likes feminine dance
Laya kareewho is the bridge between dance and music
Leela kluptha brahmanda mandalawho creates the different universes by simple play
Leela vigraha dhariniwho assumes several forms as play
Leela Vinodhiniwho loves to play
Lobha nasiniwho removes miserliness
Loka theethawho is beyond the world
Loka yathra vidahyiniwho makes the world rotate(travel)
Lolakshi-Kamaroopiniwho has wandering passionate eyes
Lopa mudrarchithawho is worshipped by Lopa Mudhra the wife of Agasthya
Maaheswariwho is the consort of Maheswara (Lord of everything)
Madha goornitha rakthakshiwho has rotating red eyes due to her exuberance
Madha patala khandaboowho has red cheeks due to excessive action
Madha shaliniwho shines by her exuberance
Madhanasiniwho destroys beliefs
Madhu preethawho likes honey
Madhumathiwho is the trance stage (seventh ) in yoga
Madhvi pana lasaawho is not interested in anything else due to drinking of toddy
Madhyamawho is in the middle of everything
Maha balawho is very strong
Maha bhairava poojithawho is being worshipped by the great Bhairava
Maha bhogawho enjoys great pleasures
Maha bhudhiwho is very intelligent
Maha Chathusashti kodi yogini gana sevithawho is being worshipped by the sixty four crore yoginis in the nine different charkas
Maha grasawho is like a great drinking bowl
Maha Kailasa nilayawho sits on Maha Kailasa
Maha kaliwho is the great Kalee
Maha kamesha mahishiwho is the prime consort of the great Kameshwara
Maha kamesha nayana kumudahladha kaumudhiwho is like the full moon which opens the lotus like eyes of Lord Kameshwara
Maha lakshmiwho takes the form of Mahalaksmi, the goddess of wealth
Maha Lavanya Sewadhiwho has the store house of supreme beauty
Maha mayawho is the great illusion
Maha padma davi samsthawho lives in the forest of lotus flowers
Maha pasupathasthragni nirdagdhasura sainikawho destroyed the army of asuras by the Maha pasupatha arrow.
Maha pathaka nasiniwho destroys the major misdemeanors
Maha poojyawho is fit to be worshipped by great people
Maha pralaya sakshiniwho is the witness to the great deluge
Maha rathiwho gives great happiness
Maha roopawho is very big
Maha sakthiwho is very strong
Maha samrajya shaliniwho is the chef of all the worlds
Maha sathvawho is greatly knowledgeable
Maha sidhiwho has great super natural powers
Maha ssakthyawho likes worship by her devotees
Maha tripura sundariwho is the beauty of the three great cities
Maha veerendra varadhawho gives boons to great heroes or who gives boons to great sages
Maha veeryawho has great valour
Maha Vidhyawho is the great knowledge
Maha yaga kramaradhyawho should be worshipped by performing great sacrifices( Bhavana yaga and Chidagni Kunda yaga)
Maha yogeswareswariwho is goddess of great yogis
Mahaa deviwho is the consort of Mahe Deva(God of all gods)
Mahaganesha nirbhinna vignayanthra praharshithawho became happy at seeing Lord Ganesha destroy the Vigna Yanthra (contraption meant to delay ) created by Vishuka
Mahaiswaryawho has great wealth
Mahamanthrawho has the greatest manthras
Mahaneeyawho is fit to be venerated
Mahasanawho has the greatest seat
Mahasanawho is the great eater
Mahathanthrawho has the greatest Thantra sasthras
Mahathiwho is big
Mahayanthrawho has the greatest yanthras
Maheewho is personification of earth
Mahesiwho is the greatest goddess
Maheswara Mahakalpa Maha thandava sakshiniwho will be the witness to the great dance to be performed by the great lord at the end of the worlds
Maheswareewho is the greatest goddess
Maitryadhi vasana Labhyawho can be attained by habits like Maithree (friendship)
Majja samsthawho is in the fat surrounding the body
Malayachala vasiniwho lives in the Malaya mountain
Maliniwho wears a garland
Mamatha hanthriwho destroys selfishness
Mamsa nishtawho is in flesh
Manaswainiwho has a stable mind
Manavathiwho has big heart
Mandasmitha prabha poora majjat Kamesha manasawho has lovely smile which is like the river in which the mind of cupid plays
Mandhara kusuma priyawho likes the buds of Mandhara tree
Mangala kruthiwho does only good
Mani poorabja nilayawho lives in ten petalled lotus
Mani poorantharudhithawho exists in Mani pooraka chakra full dressed in her fineries
Manikhya mukuta kara janu dwaya virajithawho has knee joints like the crown made of manikya below her thighs
Mano Rupeshu Kodandawho has the bow of sweet cane which is her mind-in one of her left hands
Mano vachama gocharawho is beyond the mind and the word
Manomayiwho is one with mind
Manonmaniwho is the result of mental thoughts of thoughts and actions
Manthra sarawho is the meaning of Manthras ( chants)
Manthrini nyashtha rajyadhoowho gave the power to rule to her form of Manthrini
Manthrinyamba virachitha vishangavatha Doshithawho became happy at seeing Goddess Manthrini kill Vishanga
Manu Vidyawho is personification of Sri Vidya as expounded by Manu
Marali Mandha Gamanawho has the slow gait like the swan
Marthanda Bhairavaradhyawho is being worshipped by Marthanda Bhairava
Mathawho is the mother
Mathawho appears to be fainted
Mathiwho is personification of wisdom
Mathruka varna roopiniwho is the model of colour and shape
Mayawho is illusion
Medhawho is knowledge
Medho nishtawho is in the fatty layer
Meru nilayawho lives in Meru mountain
Mithra roopiniwho is of the form of Sun
Mithya Jagat athishtanawho is luck to this world of illusion
Mohanasiniwho destroys passion
Mohiniwho bewitches
Moladharaika nilayawho exists in Mooladhara In Mooladhara which is in the form of four petalled lotus the kundalini sleeps.
Moola kooda thraya kalebharaShe whose body is the three parts of the basic manthra i.e. pancha dasakshari manthra
Moola manthrathmikhawho is the meaning of Moola manthra (root manthra) or who is the cause
Moola prakrithiwho is the root cause
Moola vigraha roopiniwho is the basic statue
Mooladrambujaroodawho sits on the mooladhara kamala or the lotus which is the basic support
Moorthawho has a form
Mrgakshiwho has eyes like deer
Mrida priyawho is dear to Mrida (a name of Lord Shiva)
Mridaniwho gives pleasure
Mrinala mrudhu dhorllathawho has arms as tender as lotus stalk
Mrityu madhaniwho removes fear of death
Mrutyu Dharu Kudarikawho is like the axe which fells the tree of death
Mudgou danasaktha chitthawho likes rice mixed with green gram dhal
Muka chandra kalankabha mriganabhi viseshakawho has the thilaka(dot) of Musk in her forehead which is like the black shadow in the moon
Mukhyawho is the chief
Mukthi nilayawho is the seat of redemption
Mukthi roopiniwho is redemption
Mukthidawho gives redemption
Mukundaawho gives redemption
Muni manasa hamsikawho is the swan in the mind ( lake like) of sages
Naada roopawho is the shape of music (sound)
Naarayaniwho is like Narayana
Nabhyala vala Romali latha phala kucha dwayiwho has two breasts that are like fruits borne on the creeper of tiny hairs raising from her belly.
Nadha roopiniwho is the form of sound
Naish karmyawho does not have attachment to action
Nakadhi dhithi samchanna namajjana thamogunawho removes the darkness in the mind of her devotees by the sparkle of nails
Naliniwho is tender
Nama parayana preethawho likes repetition of her various names
Nama roopa vivarjithawho does not have either name or shape
Nandhi vidhyawho is the knowledge taught by Nandi deva (The bull god on whom shiva rides)
Nandhiniwho is personification of Nadhini daughter of Kama denu
Nateshwareewho is the goddess of dance
Nava champaka pushpabha nasa dhanda virajithawho has nose like freshly opened flowers of Champaka
Nava vidhruma bimbha sri nyakkari rathna chhadhaShe whose lips are like beautiful new corals
Neela chikurawho has dark black hair
Neeragawho does not have any desires
Nija Sallabha Madhurya Vinirbhardista Kacchabhiwho has voice sweeter than the notes produced by Sarawathi Devis Veena(This is called Kachabhi)
Nijangna roopa nigamawho gave orders which are based on Vedas
Nijaruna prabha poora majjath brahmanda mandalawho makes all the universe immerse in her red colour which is like the sun in the dawn
Nikhileswariwho is goddess for every thing
Nir Lobhawho is not miserly
Nirabhadhawho is not affected by anything
Niradharawho does not need any support to herself
Nirahankarawho does not have an ego
Nirakarawho does not have any shape
Nirakulawho cannot be attained by confused people
Niralambawho does not need another birth
Niramayawho is without diseases
Niranjanawho is devoid of any blemishes or scars
Nirantharawho is forever continuous
Nirapayawho is never destroyed
Nirasrayawho does not need support
Nirathyayawho does not cross limits of rules she herself created
Niravadhyawho can never be accused
Nirbhavawho does not have another birth
Nirbhedhawho does not have any difference
Nirdwaithawho makes everything as one
Nireeswarawho does not have any one controlling her
Nirgunawho is beyond any characteristics
Nirlepawho does not have any attachment
Nirmadhawho does not have any firm beliefs
Nirmalawho is personification of clarity or who is devoid of any dirt
Nirmamawho does not have selfish feelings
Nirmohawho does not have any passion
Nirnasawho does not die
Nirupadhiwho does not have basis
Nirupamawho does not have anything to be compared to
Niruppallavawho is never destroyed
Nirvanasukha dayiniwho gives redemption
Nirvikalpawho does not do anything she does not desire
NirvikaraShe never undergoes alteration
Nischinthawho is not worried
Nishkalawho is not divided
Nishkalankawho does not have blemishes
Nishkamawho does not have any desires
Nishkaranawho does not have cause
Nishkriyawho does not have any work
Nishkrodhawho is devoid of anger
Nishpapawho does not have any sin
Nishparigrahawho does not accept help from others
Nishprapanchawho is beyond this world
Nissamsayawho does not have any doubts
Nissema mahimawho has limitless fame
Nisthulawho does not have anything to be compared to
Nistrai gunyawho is above the three qualities
Nithyawho is permanently stable
Nithya bhuddhawho is for ever knowledge
Nithya klinnaShe in whose heart there is always mercy
Nithya mukthawho is forever free of the ties of the world
Nithya parakamatopa nireekshana samutsukawho is interested and happy in observing the valour of Nithya devathas (literally goddess of every day)
Nithya shodasika roopawho is of the form sixteen goddesses
Nithya shuddhawho is forever clean
Nithya Trupthawho is satisfied always
Nithya youawanawho is ever young
Niyanthriwho controls
Odyana peeda nilayawho is on Odyana peetha or who lives in orders
Ojovathiwho is full of vigour
Pada dwaya Prabha jala parakrutha saroruhawho has two feet which are much more beautiful than lotus flowers
Padma nayanawho has eyes like the lotus
Padma raga samaprabhawho shines as much as the Padma Raga jewel
Padma raga sila darsha paribhavika polabhuwho has cheeks which shine more than the mirror made of Padmaraga
Padmanabha sahodariwho is the sister of Vishnu
Padmasanawho sits on a lotus
Pancha bhoothesiwho is the chief of Pancha bhoothas viz earth, sky, fire, air. And water
Pancha brahma swaroopiniwho is personification of five brahmas ( they are the gods mentioned in the last name with their Shakthi)
Pancha brahmasana sthithawho sits on the five brahmas viz., Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra, Esana and Sadashiva
Pancha kosandara sthithawho is in between the five holy parts
Pancha krithya parayanawho is engaged in the five duties of creation, existence, dissolving, disappearing, and blessing
Pancha pretha manchadhi sayiniwho sleeps on the cot made of five corpses
Pancha prethasana seenawho sits on the seat of five dead bodies ( these are Brahma , Vishnu, Rudra, Eesa and Sadasiva without their Shakthi(consort))
Pancha sankhyopachariniwho is to be worshipped by five methods of Gandha(sandal wood), Pushpa(flower), Dhoopa(incense), dheepa(light), Naivedya(offering)
Pancha than mathra sayakawho has five bows of touch , smell, hearing, taste and sight
Pancha vakthrawho has five faces
Pancha yagna priyawho likes the five sacrifices
Panchamiwho is the consort of Sadshiva –the fifth of the pancha brahmas
Panchast peeta roopiniwho is in fifty Shakthi peethas like Kama ropa, Varanasi. Ujjain etc
Papa nashiniwho destroys sin
Paparanya dhavanalawho is the forest fire that destroys the forest of sin
Para devathawho gives power to all gods
Para manthra Vibhediniwho destroys the effect of spells cast
Para Nishtawho is at the end of concentration
Para Shakthiwho is the end strength
Paraawho is the outside meaning of every thing
Parakasawho is the great sky
Param dhamawho is the ultimate resting place
Paramawho is better than all others
Paramanandawho is supremely happy
Paramanuwho is the ultimate atom
Parameshwariwho is the ultimate goddess
Paramjyothiwho is the ultimate light
Paramodhawho has great happiness
Paramodharawho is great giver
Paraparawho is outside and inside
Parath parawho is better than the best
Parvathiwho is the daughter of the mountain
Pasa Hanthriwho cuts off attachment
Pasa Hasthawho has rope in her hand
Pasu loka Bhayamkariwho creates fear for animal like men
Pasu pasa vimochaniwho removes shackles from the living
Pasyanthiwho sees everything within herself
Patali kusuma priyawho likes the buds of Patali tree
Pavana krithiwho is personification of purity
Payasanna priyawho likes sweet rice (Payasam)
Peetha varnawho is of golden colour
Poojyawho is fit to be worshipped
Poornawho is complete
Poorvajawho preceded every one
Prabha roopawho is personification of the light provided by super natural powers
Prabhavathiwho is lustrous of supernatural powers
Prachandawho is very angry
Pragalbhawho is courageous
Prakata Krithiwho is clearly visible
Prana Dhatriwho gives the soul
Prana roopiniwho is the soul
Pranadhawho gives the soul
Praneshwariwho is goddess to the soul
Prangnathmikawho is awake
Prasavithriwho has given birth to everything
Prasiddhawho is famous
Prathi panmukhya rakantha thidhi mandala poojithawho is being worshipped on all the fifteen days from full moon to new moon
Prathishtawho has been installed
Prathyak chidi roopawho makes us look for wisdom inside
Prathyg roopawho can be seen by looking inside
Prema roopawho is the form of love
Prgnana Gana roopiniwho is personification of all superior knowledge
Priyamkareewho does what is liked
Priyavrudhawho likes penances
Pulomajarchidhawho is worshipped by wife of Indra
Punya keerthiwho is famous for good deeds
Punya labhyawho can be attained by good deeds
Punya sravana keerthanawho gives good for those who listen and those who sing about her
Punyapunya phala pradhawho gives compensation for sins and good deeds
Purashartha pradhawho gives us the purusharthas of Charity, assets, joy and moksha
Purathanawho is ancient
Pushkarawho gives exuberance
Pushkarekshanawho has lotus like eyes
Pushtawho is healthy
Pushtiwho is personification of health
Raakendu vadanawho has a face like the full moon
Raamaawho is feminine
Ragha madhaniwho removes desires from us
Ragha Swaroopa pasadyawho has love for all in the form of rope(pasa)-She has this in one of her left hands
Rahas tarpana tarpithawho is pleased of chants knowing its meaning
Raho yoga kramaradhyawho can be worshipped by secret sacrificial rites
Raja peetha nivesitha nijasrithawho makes people approaching her as kings
Raja rajarchithawho is being worshipped by king of kings
Raja rajeswariwho is goddess to king of kings like Devaraja, Yaksha raja, , Brahma, Vishnu and Rudra
Rajat krupaShe whose mercy shines everywhere
Rajeeva lochanawho is lotus eyed
Rajya Dhayiniwho gives kingdoms like Vaikunta, kailasa etc
Rajya lakshmiwho is the wealth of kingdoms
Rajya vallabhawho likes such kingdoms
Rakhiniwho is the queen of Kameshwara
Rakinyambha swaroopiniwho has names like rakini
Rakshaa kariwho protects
Rakshasagniwho kills Rakshasas-ogres opposed to the heaven
Raktha varnawho is of the colour of blood
Ramaawho is like Lakshmi
Ramana lampatawho is interested in making love to her lord
Ramaniwho plays with her devotees
Rambha adhi vandhithawho is worshipped by the celestial dancers
Ramyawho makes others happy
Ranath kinkini mekhalawho wears the golden waist band with tinkling bells
Ranjaniwho by her red colour makes Shiva also red
Rasa sevadhiwho is the treasure of arts
Rasagnawho appreciates arts
Rasyawho feeds the juice of everything
Rathi priyawho likes Rathi
Rathi roopawho attracts others with her features like Rathi (wife of God of love-Manmatha)
Rathna graiveya chinthaka lola muktha phalanvithawho wears necklace with moving pearls and dollar inlaid with gems
Rathna kinkinika ramya rasana dhama bhooshithawho wears a golden thread below her waist decorated with bells made of precious stones
Ravi pragyawho has luster like Sun God
Roga parvatha Dhambolawho is the Vajra weapon which breaks the sickness which is like the mountain
Rudhira samsthidawho is in blood
Rudhra roopawho is of the form of Rudhra
Rudra grandhi vibhediniwho breaks the ties of Rudra grandhi i.e who helps us cross the ties due to our violent thoughts and nature
Saandra karunawho is full of mercy
Sachamara rama vani savya dhakshina sevithawho is being fanned by Lakshmi the goddess of wealth and Saraswathi the goddess of knowledge
Sachidananda roopiniwho is personification of the ultimate truth
Sad gathi pradawho gives us good path
Sada sadroopa dhariniwho always has truth in her
Sada shiva kutumbiniwho is consort of Sada shiva
Sada shiva pathi vrithawho is devoted wife for all times to Lord Shiva
Sadachara pravarthikawho makes things happen through good conduct
Sadashivaawho is of the form of Sadashiva
Saddothithawho never sets
Sadha thushtawho is always happy
Sadhuwho is innocent
Sadhwiwho is eternally devoted to her husband
Sadya prasadiniwho is pleased immediately
Sagara Mekhalawho is the earth surrounded by the sea
Saharakshiwho has thousands of eyes
Sahararambhujaroodawho has climbed sahasrara the thousand petalled lotus which is the point of ultimate awakening
Sahasra dhala padhmasthawho sits on thousand petalled lotus
Sahasra pathwho has thousands of feet
Sahasra seersha vadanawho has thousands of faces and heads
Sailendra Thanayawho is the daughter of the king of mountains
Sakalagama sandoha shukthi samputa maukthikawho is like the pearl in the pearl holding shell of Vedas
Sakinyambha swaroopiniwho has the name Sakini
Sakshi varjithawho does not have witness for herself
Sakthi koodaiga thapanna Kadyatho bhaga dhariniShe whose portion below hips is the Shakthi koota
Sama gana priyawho likes singing of sama
Samanadhika varjithawho is incomparable
Samarasya parayanawho stands in peace
Samastha bhaktha sukhadhawho gives pleasure to all her devotees
Samathmikawho is peace
Samayachara that parawho likes Samayachara i.e. worship stepwise from mooladhara Chakra
Samayanthasthawho is within the mental worship of Shiva and Shakthi
Sambhavyawho is married to Shambhu
Sambhu mohiniwho bewitches Lord Shiva
Samhariniwho destroys
Samhrutha sesha pashandawho destroys those people who have left their faith
Sampathkari samarooda sindhoora vrija sevithawho is surrounded by Sampathkari (that which gives wealth) elephant brigade
Sampradhayeshwariwho is goddess to rituals or who is goddess to teacher-student hierarchy
Samrajya Dhayiniwho makes you emperor
Samsara panga nirmagna samuddharana pandithawho is capable of saving people who drown in the mud of day today life
Samsayagniwho clears doubts
Sanakadhi samaradhyawho is being worshipped by Sanaka sages
Sandhyawho is the union of souls and the God
Sankariwho is the consort of Sankara
Santhawho is peace
Santhiwho is peaceful
Santhimathiwho is peace personified
Saradharadyawho is to be worshipped during Navarathri celebrated during autumn
Saraswathiwho is the goddess of knowledge
Sarat chandra nibhananawho has the face like moon in the autumn
Sarmadhawho gives pleasure
Sarmadhayiniwho gives pleasures
Sarva apadvi nivariniwho removes all dangers
Sarva loka vasam kariwho keeps all the world within her control
Sarva lokesiwho is goddess to all the worlds
Sarva mangalawho is personification of all that is good
Sarva manthra swaroopiniwho is personification of all manthras
Sarva mayiwho is everywhere
Sarva mohiniwho attracts every thing
Sarva mrutyu nivariniwho avoids all types of death
Sarva shakthi mayiwho has personification of all strengths
Sarva thanthra roopawho is also goddess of all Thanthras which is a method of worship
Sarva varnopi shobithawho shines in all colours
Sarva vedhantha samvedyawho can be known by all Upanishads
Sarva vyadhi prasamaniwho cures all diseases
Sarva yanthrathmikawho is represented by all yantras(Talisman)
Sarvaadharawho is the basis of everything
Sarvagawho is full of everywhere
Sarvan ullangya sasanaShe whose orders can never be disobeyed
Sarvangnawho knows everything
Sarvaniwho is the consort of Lord Shiva in the form of Sarvar
Sarvantharyaminiwho is within everything
Sarvartha Dhatriwho gives all wealth
Sarvarunawho has light reddish colour of the dawn in all her aspects
Sarvatheethawho is beyond everything
Sarvathomukhiwho has faces everywhere
Sarvavastha vivarjithawho is above all states
Sarvayudha dharawho is armed with all weapons
Sarveshwariwho is goddess of all
Sarvo padhi vinirmukthawho does not have any doctrines
Sarvopanisha dhudh gushtawho is being loudly announced as the greatest by Upanishads
Sarvou dhana preetha chitthawho likes all types of rice
Sarwa thanthresiwho is goddess to all thanthras (tricks to attain God)
Sasthra mayiwho is the meaning of sciences
Sasthra sarawho is the meaning of Puranas(epics)
Saswathaiswaryawho gives perennial wealth
Saswathiwho is permanent
Satheewho is Sathee the daughter of Daksha
Satho dhariwho has a thin belly
Sathya roopawho is the real form
Sathya Sandhawho is truthful
Satya gnananda roopawho is personification of truth, knowledge and happiness
Satya vrithawho has resolved to speak only truth
Satyananda swaroopiniwho is personification of truth and happiness
Savithriwho is shines like the sun
Savyapa savya margasthawho is birth, death and living or who likes the priestly and tantric methods
Shad chakropari samshithawho is on the top of six wheels starting from mooladhara
Shadananawho has six faces
Shadanga devatha yukthawho has her six parts as gods viz., heart, head, hair. Battle dress, eyes and arrows
Shaddwatheetha roopiniwho supersedes the six methods of prayers
Shadgunya paripoorithawho is full of six characteristics viz., wealth, duty, fame, knowledge, assets and renunciation
Shantyathheetha kalathmikawho is a greater art than peace
Shira sthithawho is in the head
Shishta poojithawho is being worshipped by good people
Shishteshtawho likes people with good habits
Shivawho is the personification of Shiva
Shiva moorthiwho is of the form of Lord Shiva
Shiva priyawho is dear to Lord Shiva
Shiva shakthaikya roopiniwho is unification of Shiva and Shakthi
Shivadhoothiwho sent Shiva as her representative
Shivakameswarangasthawho sits on the lap of Kameswara(shiva)
Shivangariwho makes good to happen
Shivaparawho does not have any other interest except Lord Shiva
Shivaradhyawho is worshipped by Lord Shiva
Shobhanawho brings good things
Shobhana sulabha gathiwho is easy to attain and does only good
Shubhakareewho does good
Shuddhawho is clean
Shuddha manasawho has a clean mind
Shuddha vidyangurakara dwija pangthi dwayojjalawho has teeth which look like germinated true knowledge(Shodasakshari vidya)
Shukla samsthithawho is in shukla or semen
Shukla varnawho is white coloured
Sidha mathawho is the mother of Siddhas
Sidha vidyawho is personification of pancha dasa manthra which is called siddha vidya
Sidheswariwho is the goddess of Siddhas (saints with super natural powers)
Sinchana mani manjira manditha sri pamambujawho has feet wearing musical anklets filled with gem stones
Sindhura thila kanchidhawho wears the sindhoora dot in her forehead
Siva gnana pradhayiniwho gives the knowledge of God
Smrithiwho is the guide to Vedas
Sniggdowdhana priyawho likes Ghee mixed rice
Soumyawho is peaceful or who is as pretty as the moon
Sreekariwho gives all forms of wealth and happiness
Sri chakra raja nilayawho lives in Srichakra
Sri kandartha sareeriniwho occupies half the body of Lord Shiva
Sri maharajniwho is the empress who takes care of the universe- indicates her role of protection
Sri math simasaneshwariwho sits on the throne of lions-indicates her role of destruction
Sri math thripura sundariThe beautiful goddess of wealth who is consort of the Lord of Tripura
Sri shivaawho is the eternal peace
Sri Shodasakshari vidhyawho is the sixteen lettered knowledge
Sri vagbhave koodaiga swaroopa mukha pankajaShe whose lotus face is Vagnhava Koota
Sriman nagara nayikawho is the chief of Srinagara(a town)
SrimathaShe whos role in creation of the universe is second to none (Mother)
Srishti karthriwho creates
Srividhyawho is the knowledge of Goddess
Srungara rasa sampoornawho is lovely
Sruthiwho is Vedas
Sruthi seemantha kula sindhoori kritha padabjha dhooligaShe whose dust from her lotus feet is the sindhoora fills up in the parting of the hair of the Vedic mother
Srvabharana Bhooshitawho wears all the ornaments
Sthana bhara dalan Madhya patta bhandha valithrayawho has three stripes in her belly which looks like having been created to protect her tiny waist from her heavy breasts
Sthithi samsthithawho is in the bones
Sthuthi mathiwho gives boons for those who sing her chants
Sthuthi samsthutha vaibhavawho is worshipped by the Vedas
Stotra priyawho likes chants
Subhagawho is pleasing to look at
Subruwho has beautiful eyelids
Sudha sagara madhyasthawho lives in the middle of the sea of nectar
Sudha sarabhi varshiniwho makes nectar flow in all our nerves from sahasrara i.e. who gives the very pleasant experience of the ultimate
Sudha sruthiwho is the rain of nectar
Sukha kariwho gives pleasure
Sukha pradawho gives pleasures and happiness
Sukharadhyawho can be worshipped with pleasure
Sukshma roopiniwho has a micro stature
Sulayudha sampannawho has weapons like Spear
Sumangaliwho gives all good things
Summeru Madhya sringasthawho lives in the central peak of Mount Meru
Sumukhiwho has a pleasing disposition
Suprathishtawho is the best place of stay
Supthawho is in deep sleep
Sura Nayikawho is the leader of devas
Suvasiniwho is sweet scented(married woman)
Suvasinyarchana preethawho likes the worship of married woman
Suveshadyawho is well made up
Swabhava madurawho is by nature sweet
Swadhawho is of the form of Swadha
Swadheena VallabhaShe whose husband obeys her
Swadhishtanambujagathawho lives in the six petalled lotus
Swahawho is personification of Swaha ( the manthra chanted during fire sacrifice )
Swapanthiwho is always in the state of dream
Swaprakashawho has her own luster
Swargapavargadhawho gives heaven and the way to it
Swarna Garbhawho is personification of gold
Swasthawho has everything within her or who is peaceful
Swasthimathiwho always keeps well
Swathanthrawho is independent
Swathmananda lavi bhootha brahmadyanantha santhathiwho in her ocean of wisdom makes Wisdom about Brahmam look like a wave
Swatma ramawho enjoys within herself
Syamabhawho is greenish black
Tatwho is that
Tathwadhikawho is above all metaphysics
Tatwa Martha swaroopiniwho is personification of this and that
Tatwa mayeewho is Metaphysics
Tatwasanawho sits on principles
Tejowathiwho shines
Thadanga yugali bhootha thapanodupa mandalawho wears the sun and the moon as her ear studs
Thadillatha samaruchyawho shines like the streak of lightning
Thaijasathmikawho is the form of Thaijasa which is microbial concept
Thalodhareewho has a small belly
Thamboola pooritha mukhiShe whose mouth is filled with betel leaves , betel nut and lime
Thamopahawho destroys darkness
Thanu Madhyawho has a narrow middle (hip)
Thapasa aradhyawho is being worshipped by sages
Thapatryagni santhaptha samahladahna chandrikawho is like the pleasure giving moon to those who suffer from the three types of pain
Thara kanthi thiraskari nasabharana bhasurawho has a nose ring which shines more than the star
Tharunadithya patalawho like the young son is red mixed with white
Tharuniwho is ever young
Thatpada lakshyarthawho is the indicative meaning of the word thath which is the first word of vedic saying that thou art
Thirodhana kariwho hides herself from us
Thrayeewho is of the form of three Vedas viz Rik, yajur and sama
Thristhawho is in three
Thrivarga Dhathriwho gives dharma, Assets and pleasure
Thrpura sree vasankariwho keeps the goddess Tripura sree
Thryambhagawho has three eyes
Thuryawho is in trance
Thushtiwho is personification of happiness
Tri daseswariwho is the goddess for all gods
Tri konanthara deepikawho is like a light in a triangle
Trigunawho is three characters
Trigunathmikawho is personification of three gunas viz .,Thamo (Kali), Rajo (Dhurga) and Sathva (Parvathy)
Trijagat vandhyawho is worshipped by all in three worlds
Trikhandesiwho is the lord of three zones of fire, moon and sun
Trikonagawho has attained at all vertices of a triangle
Trikootawho is divided in to three parts
Trilochanawho has three eyes
Trimurthiwho is the trinity
Trinayanawho has three eyes
Tripurawho lives everything in three aspects
Tripura maliniwho is in tripura the sixth section of Srichakra
Tripurambikawho is the goddess of three cities
Tripuresiwho is the head of three cities
Trivarga nilayawho is in three aspects of self, assets and pleasure
Tryakshyawho is of the form of three letters
Twaksthawho lives in the sensibility of the skin
Twamwho is you
Udara keerthiwho has wide and tall fame
Uddhhama vaibhavawho has immeasurable fame
Udyath bhanu sahasrabhawho glitters like thousand rising suns
Umawho is in om
Unmesha nimishotpanna vipanna bhuvanavaliwho creates and destroys the universe by opening and closing of her eye lids
Vaag vadhiniwho uses words with great effect in arguments
Vaaruni madha vihwalawho gets drunk with the wine called varuni(The wine of happiness)
Vadana smara mangalya griha thorana chillakawho has beautiful eyelids which look like the ornaments to her face which is like cupids home
Vadana thraya samyudhawho has three faces
Vadanadwayawho has two faces
Vadanaika samavidhawho has one face
Vagadeeswareewho is the goddess of words
Vahni mandala vaasiniwho lives in the universe of fire which is Mooladhara
Vaikhari roopawho is of the form with words
Vaishnaviwho is the power of Vishnu
Vajradhikayudhopethawho has weapons like Vajrayudha
Vajreshwariwho is Vajreswari (lord of diamonds) who occupies jalandhara peetha
Vajriniwho has indra’s wife as a part
Vakthra lakshmi parivaha chalan meenabha lochanawho has beautiful eyes which look like fish in the pond of her face
Vama kesiwho has beautiful hair
Vama nayanawho has beautiful eyes
Vamadeviwho is the consort of Vama deva
Vamakeshwareewho is goddess of the people who follow the left path
Vanchithartha pradayiniwho gives what is desired
Vandharu jana vatsalawho has affection towards all those who worship her
Vandhyawho is being worshipped by every body
Varadadhi nishevithawho is surrounded by Vardha and other shakthis
Varadhawho gives boons
Varna roopiniwho is personification of alphabets
Varnashrama vidhayiniwho created the four fold division of society
Vasudhawho gives wealth
Vayovastha vivarjithawho does not change with age
Veda jananiwho created the Vedas
Veda vedyawho can be understood by Vedas
Vedhya varjithawho does not have any need to know anything
Veerawho has valour
Veera goshti priyawho likes company of heroes
Veera mathawho is the mother of heroes
Veeraradhyawho is worshipped by heroes
Vidhagdhawho is an expert
Vidhatriwho carries the world
Vidhrumabhawho has the luster of coral
Vidhyawho is learning
Vidhya avidhya swaroopiniwho is the form of knowledge as well as ignorance
Vigna nasiniwho removes obstacles
Vignana Gana Roopiniwho is the personification of knowledge based on science
Vignana kalanawho makes science
Vignathreewho knows all sciences
Vijayawho is always victorious
Vilasiniwho enjoys love making
Vimalawho is clean of ignorance and illusion
Vimanasthawho is at the top
Vimarsa roopiniwho is hidden from view
Vindhyachala nivasiniwho lives on Vindhya mountains
Vipra priyawho likes those who learn Vedas
Vipra roopawho is the learner of Vedas
Virad Roopawho a universal look
Viraginiwho has renounced
Virajawho does not have any blemish
Visalakshiwho is broad eyed
Vishnu grandhi vibedhiniwho breaks the ties of Vishnu grandhi i.e who helps us cross the ties due to our position.
Vishnu mayawho lives as the Vishnu maya
Vishnu roopiniwho is Vishnu
Vishudhichakra Nilayawho is in sixteen petalled lotus
Vishuka prana harana varahi veeerya nandhithawho appreciates the valour of Varahi in killing Vishuka
Vishungalawho is not chained
Viswa brhamana kariniwho makes the universe to rotate
Viswa Dhariniwho carries all the universe
Viswa Grabhawho carries the universe in her belly
Viswa grasawho eats the universe in one handful
Viswa MathaThe mother of the universe
Viswa roopawho has the form of the universe
Viswa sakshiniwho is the witness for the universe
Viswadhikawho is above all universe
Viswathomukhiwho sees through every ones eyes
Vividhakarawho has several different forms
Vivikthasthawho is in lonely places
Viyadhadhi jagat prasuwho created the earth and the sky
Viyat prasoowho has created the sky
Vriddhawho is old
Vyahruthiwho is the grammar originating from letters
Vyapiniwho is spread everywhere
Vyktha Avyaktha swaroopiniwho is visible and not visible
Vyoma kesiwho is the wife of Shiva who has sky as his hair
Yagna karthreewho carries out fire sacrifice
Yagna priyawho likes fire sacrifice
Yagna roopawho is of the form of sacrifice
Yajamana swaroopiniwho is the doer of fire sacrifice
Yakinyambha swaroopiniwho is named as yakini
Yasawiniwho is famous
Yogadhawho gives knowledge and experience of yoga
Yoganandawho gets pleasure out of yoga
Yoginiwho is personification of Yoga
Yogyawho can be reached by yoga
Yoni mudhrawho shows the symbol of pleasure
Yoni nilayawho is the cause and source of everything
Yugandharawho wears the yuga (Division of eons of time)

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